Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Prayer Request

Our oldest daughter and my sweet grand daughter were spending this past week and weekend in Florida with her grandmother and had planned on staying through the middle of this week. We talked to her yesterday and she asked if we had received the picture and story of her husband via the text message she had sent us. Neither one of us had! WEIRD!!! We ALWAYS get her picture texts because most of them are of Our precious Rylee. Anyway, she proceeded to share with us that her husband had stopped at a local convenience store to get some cash from the ATM machine. He works nights so it was early in the morning or very late however you want to say it. The only other person at the convenience store was the female employee. Our Son-in-law got his $40 cash and proceeded to walk out. He was attacked from no where by a man who hit him UNCONSCIOUS and continued to hit him and hit him. He took the $ but left his wallet. The female employee called the police immediately but because the man was on foot he got away and has not been found or even identified.

My son in law is in soo much pain and found out that he will have to have surgery to place medal plates in is middle upper jaw on both sides along with wiring his jaw shut for at least one month. He will have to be on a liquid diet and on light duty at work for a month as well. This is soo very sad and I am just in awe of the evil people will do in order to obtain some money!

Would you mind praying for them. Krista is on her way home from Florida. They drove and stopped in a hotel tonight but will be here tomorrow to be with Casey during his surgery. This will take place on Wednesday. Please pray for them, this is such a blow to them in so many levels.

While praying for them please add Westin ( 5 yr. old little one who needs a miracle!), Melanie from Bella Mella, Lisa Smith(cancer), Denise and her Lovebug (healing), Alle and Ron (healing, peace) and Allie's sister Sandi (healing, recovery)
and for other prayer requests please visit my friend Beth's blog! She does an amazing job at keeping us posted on who and how exactly we can pray! God is able to meet each and everyone of these needs. As I type It feels overwhelming but not one bit of it overwhelms our Father! For HE is able to do more than we ask or imagine!! Praise HIM

Thanking each one of you in advance for being mighty warriors




I'm so thankful that your son-in-law is alive and that God was certainly watching out for him. Father, please be with medical team that will be Your hands in the surgeries, as we know You are all about DETAILS. Thank You Father. Amen.



That's horrible! I will pray for his surgery to go well, peace for the family, and for provision.


WOW Oh how unbelievable. I have already prayed and I will continue to pray for sure. Praise God that he is alive and his physical injuries are treatable. How scary for them all. God was certainly watching over him. Please keep us posted. Hugs to you, Debbie


Oh my gosh! I am so sorry. I am lifting up your son-in-law in prayer. Trusting Jesus to take away the pain and bring quick healing. Praying peace over your entire family.

christy rose

Loren, That is so terrible! I am so sorry to hear that happened. I will be praying for him for physical pain and emotional scarring to be healed as well, for both him and Krista.

Just wanted you to know that I have a friendship award for you over at my place. :) Hope you have a great week.

Kathy C.

Oh Loren, I'm so sorry this happened!!! I'm just thankful that he's alive! Goodness, I'm praying for you all. Blessings my friend!

Steph T.

Oh Loren, how scary! I will definitely be praying for him and your daughter also. I will also pray for the person who did this to him. Let us know how the surgery goes. I know God has him in his hands and will guide every step of the surgery. If we can do anything let us know

Girly Muse

Loren! This is awful! Will be praying for supernatural healing for Casey, relief from all pain, and comfort for all of you that are going through this with him!

Praying for a hedge about you, angels all around you...lifting you up and carrying you in love...

Love you. So sorry for all you've had to go through...will be thinking about you and yours especially much today.


Praying right now!


Oh Loren my goodness... how terrible! Thank God he will be ok! I will be praying!!

Five Moms & A Blog

That is awful but glad to hear he's going to be o.k. My nephew was beaten up when some guys tried to steal his truck in broad daylight (he's fine now, btw).

He didn't lock his door and they pulled him right out of it. I always tell my kids to lock their doors, but sometimes (like in the case of your son in law) there's nothing you can do to prevent something.

I'll be praying!


May God have mercy on the man that did this:

Psalm 83:2-3
2 See how Your enemies are astir,
how Your foes rear their heads.

3 With cunning they conspire against Your people;
they plot against those You cherish.

Praying for his complete recovery in body, soul, mind and spirit!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie
JESUS ONLY in 2010


Psalm 83:2-2
2 See how Your enemies are astir,
how Your foes rear their heads.

3 With cunning they conspire against Your people;
they plot against those
You cherish.

Praying for his complete recovery in body, mind, soul and spirit.

Choosing JOY, Stephanie
JESUS ONLY in 2010


Just prayed for your SIL and his family as well. Will keep him in my prayers...May the Lord make his recovery fast! Praying for protection for all of you. God bless.


My precious friend, I hate to hear this. Bless his dear heart. I will definitely be in much prayer for him. I love you, thanks for your prayers.



WOW life is really on a roller coaster of sorts lately! I am praying for you sweetie and here is hoping that God continues to watch over your family and bring them home safe!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Oh sorry to read this and hear what happened! How absolutely frightening that must have been for him...SO frightening!! Praying for all!



By the way if you have a moment, I have an award just for you on my blog today.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Oh my goodness, how cruel people can be! How scary that must have been for him. I will be praying Loren for his complete healing. I will also pray that the person who attacked him would be convicted of his wrongdoing and might one day hear the Gospel.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Oh, what a horrible thing to happen. It just makes me so sad at the shape our world is in. I a praying for him and his family as well sweet girl.

I will try and get a prayer post up before the morning and add him to it!


Oh my goodness Loren. I am so sorry for what happened to your son in law. It's terrible that people can be so heartless. I'm praying now.

Kami Scott-Day

Praying for his healing


your prayer touched me. I'm praying! I found this site helpful Check it; maybe it gives you a relief. God bless.

Sassy Granny ...

How tragic! It makes me realize how un-safe the world has become, when a simple trip to the store can result in so violent an exchange. I'm so sorry for your son-in-law, and for those of you that see the painful reminders of his brush with so desperate a soul!

God bless (and heal) both body & soul,


I'm praying for Casey's surgery, his family and all of you. May God get the glory for all this pain.

Cherie Hill

Loren...I will be praying for all of you...praying God gives your son in law strength and peace through all of this. So shocking...I'm just without words.
Praying always,


Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that Loren. I hope all went well with his surgery. People are just awful these days. I'll be praying.


Hi Loren! I'm so sorry to hear about this! I'm sorry I didn't check on you earlier last week. I'll be praying for his healing through all this. How terrible.

Missed you last week with the Pursuing Love meme. I hope you can join us this week.

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