Monday, April 2, 2012

Is it Spring or Summer? IDK....

Happy Monday Friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend - I sure did! We had some amazingly warm weather! It was at least 90 degrees on Sunday. It has definitely been the topic of conversation. No matter where you go or whether you know that person beside you or walking by, you will most likely find yourself in a conversation regarding the HEAT, and it always comes with this statement.... "This is ONLY March or as of yesterday, This is only April 1st!! What happened to our Spring?"

We took advantage of the warm weather and worked in our yard. We planted 10 trees, and started clearing out an area for a new flowerbed. Working in our yard together is something my husband and I LOVE doing together! We planted some Maple trees and Dogwoods too. We are going to have to pull some stumps out sometime this week. Brian had to pull the trees down because we were afraid they were going to fall on our house or worse, our neighbors, but the stumps remained. It was quite a funny event watching him and the kids pull them down! We laughed & laughed! We have just one more tree to do and I would expect this to be just as comical.... TIMBERRRRRRRR! ;)

On another note, can you believe Easter is this weekend? A lot of the churches in our town had HUGE egg hunts this past weekend. Some even had a helicopter fly over, dropping eggs for the kids. It is pure egg chaos!!

Our church ( just opened the doors of our new, completely paid for building. The goal to be moved in was Easter weekend but Praise the Lord, it was complete way before :)

What a special week this is...Celebrating ♥ JESUS, Our Risen Savior ♥

How will you spend your Easter weekend?


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

It's been quite warm here too but the humidity is still pretty low so that makes it tolerable. It's when the humidity gets around 80% that we start shutting the windows.
Have a Happy Easter my friend.

Betsy from Tennessee

HI Loren, Happy Easter to you... I love Holy Week... So many emotions as we go through the last days of Jesus' life.

One of the churches up here mentioned doing something different for their Easter Egg Hunt this year. Have you heard of "Trunk or Treat" at Halloween --where church members drive their cars and open up their trunks for the kids to stop by for treats... Anyhow--they did the same thing yesterday to celebrate Easter. The kids could come by and pick up eggs with treats and Bible verses in them.. That church also had the Easter Bunny there for kids to have pictures with. They had games and lots of other things including food for families/kids... You might want to mention that to the people who work with kids at your church...

Have a blessed week.


Hi Loren, I'm a bit green about all the trees you are planting as I'd love to add at least four more to our yard. Your gardening with your hubby sounds wonderful. We had 80 degrees yesterday but today a Ca. storm rolled in and the temp dropped 30 degrees and it is so cold out, with rain and snow in the mountains. We will have our whole family here for Easter lunch-a big bbq and hunt in the yard. We can't seriously plant yet because of frost etc so the pretty plants will have to wait.
Have a wonderful week my friend.
Hugs, Noreen


I cannot wait until the weather gets warmer here. I don't do so well when it gets up in the 90s, but a nice low 80 would be perfect. I can just imagine what your yard will look like with all of those beautiful trees. How is it Easter already? Have a blessed week!

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