Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don't cha just hate it when....

Question: When you begin a diet or maybe a weight-loss challenge @ church or work, do you find yourself the day before eating everything in sight??? LOLOL

I shared with you all that I will be starting a weight-loss challenge today. This means I will be weighed and measured!! YIKES!! Yesterday it seemed as if I ate everything I could! I spent some time planning our meals and getting some healthy snack ready so that I won't get past that point of hunger and eat more calories than I am allowed. I made sure my app was on my IPhone where I log my food intake. I really am ready to go - I've done all I can do to make this a success...

Thank the Lord for new days, for start-overs, and for GRACE! I know that I can't do this without HIS help and without the Holy Spirit prompting me to get my exercise in 4-6 times each week, and to eat the right portions sizes and only when I should!

I love the fact the not only am I doing a weight-loss challenge that will help me physically and mentally, but more importantly, I grow Spiritually. I treat this time in a sense, like a Fast. When I am hungry and it's not time to eat, I go to the Word or just pray! I remind myself over and over - when I am weak, HE is strong! HE is my strength and my shield~ Lord knows I need a shield to cover me so I can't see my Son's cookies, or that Chocolate candy from Christmas.

If you guys have any suggestions of good healthy snacks or low-fat dinners...PLEASE SHARE! or any words of wisdom for me... I would truly appreciate it :)

Have a Happy Tuesday my friends!


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

You can do it girlfriend. When I first cut out sugar I lost weight pretty quickly but I have plateaued over the last 3 weeks. I haven't gained or lost. Sometimes it's frustrating. But I'm feeling good so that is what matters most I guess.
For a healthy snack sometimes I have a rice cake with a little bit of almond butter on it. Or a handful of almonds.


Honey...if there is any one that can do is YOU! Can't wait to follow you on this journey!


Hi sweetie, Can I just come hang out with you and do this together? I don't like it when the weather is too cold to exercise outside and the lbs pack on me just from looking at food. Let's see-I've done WW enough that most raw vege's are really good to snack on-especially with salsa. I lived on baby carrots for years until they changed their points and they were no longer free.
Rice cakes are also good for a light lunch-with peanut butter-for protein. I love to juice(especially in the summer)so will do juice for lunch and that always fills me up. Raw almonds are also a good snack. Have a good day.
Hugs, Noreen

Kathy C.

LOLing at the first part, YES! Hubby and I fasted sugar for a while and the night before we started we went out to Carrabas and shared a huge chocolate dessert (we NEVER get dessert), lol.
When I get the feeling of wanting to snack during the day I drink water, that helps a bit. If I really am "food" hungry, I'll grab a small handful of almonds (unsalted), or a little box of raisens or a slice of cheese. That usually helps. If it is a sweet that I NEED, lol, I will eat a couple of chocolate chips, or take a small bite of ganache. What? You don't have ganache in your fridge? :)

Kathy C.

Betsy from Tennessee

Sounds wonderful, Loren... That's the way to do it. I've gained and lost weight all of my adult life... I finally realized that, as I get older, I cannot do the things I want to do carrying the extra weight... SO--I'm working with a doctor and getting this weight off.... One of the best things I do is to keep a food journal... That keeps me accountable.

Good Luck... Keep us posted.


Hi again Loren, O.k. so you've really inspired me to shed my winter fluff too. Actually hubby and I have been throwing around the idea of joining a local gym for a month or more. He decide not which made me question going alone but now he's decided o.k. My question is, I know everyone is different, but when I was doing weights, I was told not to work out everyday-only three or four times a week. It's been a long time since I went to a gym and just wondered how often you are going-daily or just a couple of days a week. Besides losing fluff I also want to firm any tips?
Thanks, Noreen


Unfortunately I don't need the start of a new diet or a weight-loss challenge to cause me to eat everything in sight! I try to eat responsibly, but it is a constant challenge.

Girly Muse

aw man, yes, i do hate that! :) you can totally do this. so excited you're loving exercising, that is such a huge thing that some people never accomplish. i am needing to do better in that area myself.
i lose if i limit sugar and while i never go fully carb free, i do lose if i limit them...
myfitnesspal app on my phone has helped sooo much~ not only can i keep track of calories, but also exercise and water intake. it really has made a huge difference, especially to see how many calories are "wasted" on little things! very eye-opening.
can't wait to hear all about your process.
love you, my friend!

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