Monday, January 9, 2012


Happy Monday everyone ♥ How was your weekend? Got anything planned this week??

I have to take a moment and tell on myself :) Last week as I was posting.... I realized I was totally off on my days!
So, like on Thursday, I posted "Wordless Wednesday." hee hee Coming back from Christmas break is my only excuse LOL or is it that I am just getting old and more & more confused ;P

Our sweet grand babies came and spent the night with us on Saturday! Just when you think you couldn't love someone anymore than you already do, you find that your heart is just overflowing with MORE L♥VE. Rylee is just a hoot and keeps us laughing pretty much all weekend. She also LOVES to read! She will go grab a stack of her books and crawl in my lap and we read over and over :) Such a precious gift. Bentley will be 1 in just 10 more days! He has begun taking steps and no doubt he will be walking everywhere by his birthday! He is Papa's little buddy for sure! Soo sweet!

I was trying to think of something new to fix for dinner, and also make sure it was something we ALL could eat while our grandkids were here. I decided I would make Chicken and Dumplings! I haven't eaten Chicken & Dumplings since I was in junior high school. I loved them way back then! Anyway, Brian and I worked together to make them. When making a chicken soup I am one of those that will boil a whole chicken instead of doing just chicken breasts. Anyway, I did the soup part while Brian made the dumplings. Wow Wow Wow ~ it was soooo delicious! Both grandkids and our kids LOVED it and scarfed it down :)

I am so thankful because We have a four day school week this week, AND next week too! WOOHOO :) Because of Teachers meetings! I am sooo thrilled!

Last night, We said goodbye to our Jen as she headed back to college. She & I were changing out some clothes (summer to winter) and memories just flooded my mind of that August night we spent talking to her, calming her fears, and trying to convince her she needed to go the college. She was having second thoughts about going, and really not wanting to leave home AT ALL! Now, As she begins the Spring Semester, she has adjusted and doing awesome! She's happy and loves college life! Her grades were excellent and we are so proud of her!! Oh what a difference a semester makes :)

Tuesday I will begin a weight-loss challenge! It will last for 6 weeks and I would like to lose about 3 lbs. per week.
That would get me pretty much to my goal weight. I am not sure I told you guys how God orchestrated a situation with the owner of the gym... I have been going since last August and just loving it! Well, the owner Lori, approached me asking me if I would be interested in managing their Facebook page. Putting up posts, announcements, etc and in exchange I would receive a free membership for myself & my family! WOOHOO! God is sooo good :)

Don't forget to tell me how your weekend went~ I Hope your week is blessed! Love to you all ♥



Wow! That's a nice exchange FB for gym expense. Good for you. I know you will be very successful in meeting yours goals.
Have a beautiful week ~


Blessings to you today, I loved reading this and getting caught up with you Loren. Grands can be such fun to have over but I sure get worn out when they are here. We have three of ours for a sleep-over next week. I'm so impressed with your goal of weight loss-are you just working out or also following a program. I need to lose about 5-8 lbs and to keep it off-hard to do in winter but trying to walk at least 5 days a week. I thought of joining a gym but would prefer to join with a friend.
Have a great evening. Hugs, Noreen


Laughing at your confusion! :-) In a good way of course. We will just blane it on what you said. I am just glad it slowed down enough to get back to blogging. I miss checking on my dear friends in blog land!

I am so GLAD that Jenna is loving her new lot in life right now. It's hard those adujustments, but you are such a wonderful and supporting mother, and home is just a phonecall away!

Happy New Year, if I didn't already tell you ya!

Betsy from Tennessee

Hi Loren, Glad your daughter loves college now and is doing so well.

I know how much you enjoy those grandchildren.. They do grow up so very very fast.

We love Cracker Barrel's chicken and dumplin's ..... I usually order meatloaf --but hubby has to have his dumplin's.... ha

Good Luck with your weight loss challenge. I'm sure you will do GREAT.

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