Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So Very Proud of my Son

My Son Jantzen is such a sweet and kind-hearted young man. If you spent any amount of time with him, you would experience his inquisitive nature. He LOVES to hear all about you! If you don't know where to start, trust me, he will ask you MANY Questions! Questions may be about your past, your dreams, or if you happen to have been in a War, then this will leave you talking for as long as you have time for :)

On Monday, I picked him up from school and he was hungry, as usual. (aren't they always hungry @ this age?lol) He asked if would take him to eat @ Waffle House. He absolutely LOVES Waffle House. He says they have THE BEST Waffles in America. (I choose my battles and this is not one that I will fight heehee b/c I am not in agreement with this opinion!) As we walked in, he IMMEDIATELY saw an older woman dining by herself. She was having a burger and fries. She gave us a very sweet smile as the waitress walked us to our table.

The second he sat down he said "Mom, I want to pay her ticket and I don't want her or anyone else to know!" "I will spend my Christmas money!"

I explained that he needed to get our waitress over and to let her know quickly as I noticed she was almost finished with her plate. Now, Waffle House is NOT a very big restaurant. So being able to do this could prove to be somewhat difficult!
The waitress brought her ticket to our table and shortly there after we see her stand up and ask for her ticket.
Our waitress who was also her waitress told her "Your ticket has been paid in full!" She said, "What? By Whom?" Our waitress told her it was a secret! She just kind of stood there and you could just see the smile on her face!

Not only could you see her smile but you should have seen the one on Jantzen's face!! IT. WAS. PRICELESS.

A few years ago I attended a Joyce Meyer conference. One of the things I took home with me was this...

There are times the Lord will reveal that HE wants you to pay for someone else's dinner, or maybe even their groceries! It might be that HE wants you to give them something from your closet, or possibly go out and get their favorite meal. The list is endless. BUT, Joyce shared that "at times" people will "wonder," "Was that really God asking me to do that?"
They do this over and over and before you know it, they talk themselves out of giving. So, Joyce shared that God will give us creative ways to bless others and only HE truly knows how others will receive the "gift" She also said this...
"Even if you didn't hear correctly, it is probably safe to say that the Lord is def. not going to be upset with you for giving to someone!!"

Thank you Lord, for allowing me the privilege to be Jantzen's Mom! Thank you for his precious and tender heart! Thank you that he brings glory and Honor to you !


Girly Muse

He's just precious...what a sweet heart he has. It's wonderful to hear about loving teenagers like this, especially boys...teens get such a bad rap sometimes. Jantzen is one of a kind special. xo

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

That is so incredibly awesome. Your son is definitely a keeper!! I know you are one proud Momma!


awww...this is the sweetest most touching story Loren! Made me want to cry! It sounds like "J" has a heart just like his momma! Sweet, sweet story!


Loren, What a precious & priceless story-make sure you journal it so you can reread it again and again. You've done a good job raising your boy-may the Lord richly bless his heart.
Hugs, Noreen

Betsy from Tennessee

Hi Loren, That was so neat of your son to do that. He made that woman very happy...

I agree with YOU about Waffle House... ha ha


Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates

What a wonderful story! So sweet! Your son is an inspiration. :)

The Not So Perfect Housewife

Hey there~
Oh my. I have NOOOO idea why I'm not getting your feed anymore. I was just going through an old post of mine and saw a comment from you and thought.. why haven't I seen here in awhile.. ugh.. don't know what happened.

What a precious story and an amazing son you have!!

Hope you are doing well and can't wait to see the new hair ;-)

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