Monday, February 21, 2011

Mondays Musings

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Didn't it just FLY BY!?!?!?

We had a SURPRISE PARTY for Jantzen!!

We had planned on having a party with his friends but then with all the snow days we ended up having to go to school on Friday which made having a sleepover not an option. Soooo we just decided to Surprise him and it was a HUGE SUCCESS :) All of his buddies were here before he got home from school and he had NO IDEA!! WE got him the PS3 MOVE and have had a ball with it :) We played the Jelly Bean Beanboozled game with all the boys. You know..... where the jellybelly's taste like:

Rotten Eggs
Moldy Cheese
Canned Dog Food
Pencil Shavings
Baby Wipe

So this would explain why most of the pics show them spitting the jelly beans out huh??!!!! ;)~


Yesterday we spent the day With all of my Husbands Sisters! He has THREE SISTERS and He is the baby so he was SPOILED ROTTEN growing up! They doted on him all the time! They dressed him too LOL! It was so nice being together and I hate that I left my camera at home! We plan on doing this once a month so I will have to get some next time!

What did you guys do this weekend? Hope it was Filled with Jesus and JOY


The Real Me!

Oh those jelly beans sound horrific! LOL! I was getting nauseous just thinking about it.

Sounds like a super fun weekend my friend. Ours was actually very relaxing, which is good. REAL good!
Have a blessed day.


It is so much fun when you can pull off a surprise party like that. Your plate full of heart-shaped goodies looks delish. I'll bet the boys loved the nasty jelly bellies ... sounds like a great time. Happy Birthday to your little sweetheart!!! (I'm sure at 14 he would hate being called a little sweetheart, but I'm doing it anyway!)


How my boys would have loved such a game at that age! haha...Glad they all had a good time. Happy birthday to your son! Have a good week...HUGS, Debbie


YAY for surprise birthday parties! They are always so much fun. I can only IMAGINE the Jelly Bean game. It amazes me how they can actually make those things taste SOOOO bad. Yuck. Glad you had a marvelous weekend.


Funny jelly-bean photos...but ewwwwwwwwww...disgusting! So fun that you were able to pull off a surprise party. We're in the midst of another snow storm here. Would have probably had a snow day today, except for the kids already have it off for President's Day. We have a hard-core superintendent in our school district and even with all the snow and temps near -30 he has yet to call a snow day. Guess we need to move to OK for those :)
Hope your week is off to a great start!
Peace and blessings.

Girly Muse

Oh gross!!! hahahaha That's hilarious. How many did YOU try? :)

Sounds like a great time. You're an awesome mama.

Betsy from Tennessee

Hi Loren, Sounds like the party was a huge success.. The Jelly Bean game sounds like a hoot...

Bet you all had a good time with your hubby's sisters also... Hope you do take a camera the next time...

Have a wonderful day.

Steph T.

Where did you get those fun jelly beans?? LOL! Love it! Hope you are doing well friend!

Beth E.

Those jelly beans sound like something my boys would've gotten a kick out of when they were young. lol

I'm glad Jantzen's surprise party went over without a hitch...sounds like a great birthday!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

What a fun surprise!! Sounds like a wonderful celebration. What a game! lol I have never heard of it... boy I do not know if I could handle those jelly beans. How do they get them to taste like that? Where do you find that game... might be something we could play sometime! :)
♥ Jennifer

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