Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I saw God today

Isn't it wonderful when you can go about your day and see God in everything! Seriously, our Perspective can be one that looks for the good or unfortunately looks for the negative!

I have seen many bloggers posting their 1000 gifts and in reading them it has caused me to look for the gifts in my day. The Word tells us that "Every good and Perfect gift comes from above" James 1:7

Some of the gifts God has given me.....

HIS Perfect know ....when you see HIS hand on a situation that you think "OH please Lord let this happen, and then it doesn't, and it doesn't, and then SUDDENLY God Moves so Powerfully and you are just sooo humbled! Yep, His timing is amazing.

Laughter as we all went shopping for my husband. He needed some new pants for a business trip that he is currently on. He went into the dressing room to try on all of his choices. It was near closing time at the store so we were almost the only ones in the whole place. Before you know it the four of us are all on the dressing room cracking up and being silly.... Weird? yep! But who cares we were having fun :)

My brother calling to catch up and sharing about his life and how proud I am of him!

Receiving an email from a friend letting you know they are praying for you! Love you Lori! ♥

Waking up to a text message with yet another adorable picture of one of my grandchildren

Think He's sayin "Hi Noni!????" Of course He is! ;)

I pray as you go about your day today, you can see Gods hand on you! In the big things or especially in the tiniest of things...He IS with you....ALWAYS



The Real Me!

God's timing is most definitely perfect. It's sad that we usually see this after the fact. LOL!

Super adorable picture. You proud Grandma you!
And I can totally picture the scene in the dressing room.
HUGS my friend.


Hi, Noni! Oh, that grandbaby is sooo cute! And I'll bet that was one happy dressing room with everyone laughing it up. =D

He is always there ... the hard part is remembering to look for the positive. Thanks for the reminder and have a wonderful week!!!

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, this is so cute! that baby is just a little piece of Heaven! and yes my thoughts this morning are just simply Praising God for all things! I am so on board with this, and yesterdays post, was just simply listening for the Whisper of God! Have a great Day, and God Loves You! and so do I!


Loren, this goes right along with what I read in my devotion this morning about the Holy Spirit, and with what I have always believed about God's perfect timing and His hand in everything. Thank you so much! Have a blessed day! Yes, he is saying Hi Noni!


What a wonderful post! Have a GGOD day and may we all see Him everywhere! HUGS

Girly Muse

Love you too!!! ;)

And this concept of seeing the best in all situations is just rocking my world. I think it's so neat that God's talking to you about that in your life too...He's at work in all of us. So cool!

That is the sweetest little picture of Bentley, saying "Hi!" or "Hallelujah!" :)

Sassy Granny ...

Babies & binkies ... it doesn't get much better! So, so sweet.

Finding/seeing God in the common makes of the common a holy thing. I'm convinced laughter is part of that; for it fuels the heart with joy.

Enjoy another day of seeing God, and of laughter.

Huge hug,


What a sweetie!!!!!

Betsy from Tennessee

Yes, we should be able to see God in everything.... Whether it's laughter or tears, God is with us!!!!! Thanks be to God...

We do have so much to be thankful for, don't we?



It's wonderful to see the hand of God in the ordinary things of God. It is truly a blessing.

Steph T.

Every time we try on cloths we either are about to snatch either other bald or laugh our head off!! LOL! Love that sweet!


Hi dera friend, Love this post and of course I love looking for God in our daily routines. Love your grandbaby too-I'm sure you are such a loving noni. Today I saw the whys behind my seeking out a neighbor for an exercise class-she is battling with anxiety so I was able to pray over her and spend time with her.
Wish you and I could spend time together. Lots of love to you!!!! Noreen

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