Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Soo Proud of my Boy & WELCOME HOME MOM ♥

Last Night was a WONDERFUL night for sooo many reasons! First, My husband came home from his business trip :)

Second, My Mom and StepDad returned from Paris!! They have been gone for a week and I missed them so much! I am used to talking to my Mom everyday and well....That wasn't an option in Paris :) I can't wait to see her and see all her pictures and hear all about their trip!!

Finally, to top this off we finished the evening at a ceremony inducting My Son into the National Junior Honor Society! Being a part of NJHS is such an honor and a privilege! It is all about serving others in your community as well as maintaining an excellent GPA. (Not to mention it looks awesome on a Resume for College and Future Jobs too!) The Principal shared how special this group of kids was, and I couldn't agree anymore!

Here are some pics from the ceremony!

This was the Biggest class they have ever had....165 7th Grade Students

Playing peek-a-boo from across the room....Love my Zoom lens :)

Receiving His award for being inducted! This is his principal, Mr. Coke... He is wonderful and loves his job!

There was one more picture of Jantzen and a group of kids that have been together ever since PRESCHOOL! There were at least 7 of them that were inducted tonite....It was so precious to see and I know how much their teacher(s) Ms. Diane, Ms. Barbie, Ms. Renee, and Ms. Janet will all LOVE seeing this one! When I get a copy I will have to post it!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


The Real Me!

Oh proud Momma!! Did you cry? I would have cried. LOL! I'm good like that.
Oh I want to sit down with you and your Mom and look at pictures and here all about the trip too. So not fair. Ha!

I hope you get to share a little on here though. Pretty please?

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

What a night!! A trip to Paris sounds amazing. It is going to be so fun to see her photos! Congratulations to Jantzen! What an honor.
♥ Jennifer


Yay! Congratulations to Jantzen and his wonderful parents too!!!!


Congratulations, you must be so proud! That is an honor to be in NJHS. Glad your man is home as well as your Mom!

Enjoy the rest of the week! Did you all thaw out yet??

Betsy from Tennessee

Hi Loren, Congrats to your son... I know you are SO proud of him...

Glad hubby came home --and I'm sure you are glad that your Mom/StepDad are home also. What a great trip they must have had.

Have a wonderful day.. I'm sure you will.


Congratulations to Jantzen! He is such a handsome(and SMART) young man. I love that he always seems to have the biggest grin gracing his face.


Congratulations to Jantzen! Glad your husband and Mom & Stepdad have made it home safely to you!


It was a great night! Congrats to your kiddo! Can't wait to see what the future holds for all of them :)


You definitely did have a great day. I'm glad that both your husband and your Mom got home safely. And congratulations to Jantzen for being inducted into NJHS. That is quite an achievement.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

oh, i know you are so proud - i love the pictures!

Steph T.

Congrats!! Glad everyone made it home!!


I am so glad your Mom got to go to Paris. It is on my list of places to see someday. And the Honor Society. Awesome! My heart swells with pride for Jantzen and his amazing parents. He may have gotten there through his own hard work, but you two provided all the necessary tools and foundation. Congratulations!!!

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