Tuesday, December 28, 2010

~ Lemi Shine~ Some really awesome stuff!

A couple of months ago I shared with you all about my dishes not looking clean even after washing them in the dishwasher. Not only were they not clean, they had a white film on them! It was GROSS!! I literally had to get rid of most if not all of my cooking utensils and replace some of the plastic ware we had.

We found out at the time that the automatic dishwashing detergent no longer had phosphates in them....which basically boosted the performance of the cleaning agents. So, that left us, the consumer with less than clean dishes and for some, a white yucky film.

My husband did some research and then he decided to create a concoction of our own. It didn't take long for me to decide this wasn't much better. He decided to go to Home Depot and purchase phosphates and add it to the dishwashing powder that no longer had them in there. (it didn't take much either!) This has worked out pretty good

BUT .......

I am here to tell you about LEMI - SHINE! My Mom got us some for Christmas ~ yes Christmas! LOL and OMG ....This stuff is UH MA ZING!! You add it in the dishwasher along with your regular detergent and WOW oh WOW ....Talk about clean dishes! No white stuff. No film. Just clean dishes......bright and shiny clean dishes! It is also environmentally safe :)

This makes me so happy :p

So there ya have it... LOL....I am pretty sure they sell it @ Target and Walmart. This is NOT a review, nor am I being paid to share this information ;) Just sharin some good stuff with my fellow bloggers whom I Love dearly!

Have a blessed Tuesday ~



WOW...I hassled this for weeks at my old house. Tried just everything we could think of. Finally we had a repair man out who told us the inside of dishwashers get old after a while and get a build up of something and have to be cleaned. He recommended a product that we bought (also at Target) that was to clean the inaide of the dishwasher. We had to run in through like 3 times (with dishwasher empty of course) and it worked amazingly well. However, a few weeks later we were back to the same thing....we were thinking of just replacing the dishwasher but then decided we were moving anyway. Wish I had known about this product then cuz I would sure love to give it a try. So far my new one here is doing pretty good. haha Have a good day Loren, and thanks for sharing this.

Steph T.

IT's the simple things in life that make us happy isn't it??? Seriously!!! Thanks for the review! I will try some!


Thanks for the tip sister Loren! I think that's very thoughtful of your mom to give that and help you with your dilemma! Passing by to wish you a Happy New Year! May your new year be filled with His richest blessings. Love to you.


So glad you liked the Lemi Shine! Wink ~ Love, Mom


You may have made 2010 even better lol...we have hard water and really should get a softener...but in the meantime...i am going to hunt this product down and give it a try!


It's nice to know that there is a simple solution to the lack of phosphates in dish washing detergents.


Hi dear friend, Thank you for sharing this tip with us-so many of us need it! Hope you have a week that brings smiles to your heart-you bring them to me all the time!
Hugs and Happy New Year!


...and your Christmas gift to me? Sharing this post!! I am going to seriously go get some of this stuff tomorrow and see if it makes a difference with our dishes. Our's have just not been having that clean feel either, and I had no clue what the problem is. Crossing my fingers this helps.


I hope they sell this product in Canada, I will check Walmart. Thank you for sharing.....:-)Hugs

Girly Muse

I need this desperately! Hallelujah! Thanks for sharing! :) XO

Dustin Bryson

Thank you for posting this review, great stuff!

Bernie, we are in Canadian Tire up there in your beautiful part of the world.

God Bless,
Dustin Bryson
Marketing Director, Envirocon Technologies


i sell this product online on ebay. since i am able to get this product. most people have told me it isnt available in their area
look me up if interested
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Cannot find it in Ontario, Canada. Tried Canadian Tire, they don't have it, tried Trying to order on line with no luck. Lynda

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