Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Wow ~ This will be my last JOY post for this year!! Can you even believe how fast this year has gone? I certainly can't! The Lord has given me soooo much to be joyful about and I just love sharing about HIM and all HE has done from week to week! I am soo glad Angel started this meme all those months ago! If you want to join and spread your JOY go here

I am filled with JOY because:

Rylee got to spend not one but TWO nights with us this week!!

My sweet husband is on vacation this week!

We get to go see my Nana in Missouri and take her out to lunch!

Rylee and Papa (my Dh) spread tons of deercorn out back for the deer to eat. They came up sooo close to the house and OMG did Rylee ever get excited!! It was just precious watching her!!! The deer put on quite the show! Two of them got up on their hind legs and had a little fight ~ it looked like they were boxing !!! Both of their two front legs were going at each was so funny!

I went to Physical Therapy and then to the grocery store while Rylee was @ home with her Papa and Jenna. When I walked through the door, she came RUNNING into my arms, saying NOOOOOONI!!!! I missed you! Can you say...MELT.MY.HEART!

I get to have a date day with my honey today!! WOOHOO!!

Our family signed up to do a FUN RUN on New Years Eve! Something different this year and I am really looking forward to it :)

My DH got me an awesome Nikon for Christmas! I usually use Jenna's and mentioned that when she goes to college I just didn't know what I would do :) My husband surprised the heck out of me!!! That man just blesses me more than words can say! The Lord gave me such a gift when HE gave me Brian!

My Stepmom gave me an IPAD! I am truly my Fathers Daughter when it comes to technology! My friends give me that hardest time but it's ok...I can handle it :) I am a technology freak...oh yes I am! LOL

We laughed, we sang,
we couldn't believe our good fortune.
We were the talk of the nations—
"God was wonderful to them!"
God was wonderful to us;
we are one happy people.
Psalm 126:2-3 MSG

May you all have a JOY Filled Day!


The Real Me!

So we can expect some mind blowing pictures in the future? LOL!
Lot's of wonderful joyous things my sweet friend.
Have a fabulous, joyfilled day!


Great moments! By the way I love the new background on your blog :)


Hope you had an awesome Christmas!

Steph T.

OH I'm so excited you got a NIkon!! Even though I am a Canon girl! HA! Which one did he give you? I got a new lens for it!! How fun about the deer!!
I laughed when I pulled up your blog because we both changed our backgrounds today!! Great minds think alike! Have a Happy New year!! Love ya


Oh Loren, I always enjoy reading your Joy posts! This one really makes me smile! I am working on mine right now. Have a blessed 2011 and enjoy the Fun Run with your family!


Hugs to you Loren, I love this post because it shows what a great noni you are and how much joy grands and family give you(we are so alike). I too have a Nikon-got it two years ago and love it. I sure wish we were neighbors, we'd have so much fun together. Have a wonderful day.


Congratulations on your new camera and iPad. I really like my iPad.
I'm glad that you've had such a wonderful time with Rylee.


You are a blessed woman!


Loved your joy post Loren, I sure wish I lived near you for a lot of reasons, but for today it would be so you could teach me so much about this new technology. lol.
Don't you just love those honey dates? I know I do, and the longer you are married the sweeter they are.
I know your heart did melt when told byYour granddaughter how you were missed.
Praying for many more continued blessings for you and your family this new year.
Much love,

Girly Muse

How EXCITING!!! A Nikon and an IPad!!! WOOHOO!!!

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