Monday, December 27, 2010

Blessed Beyond Measure

I pray everyone had a Joy-filled Christmas. We sure did! I enjoyed every bit of it ~ from the craziness of getting everything done, wrapped, cooked and cleaned, to the quiet moments with my family sitting around the Fire, reading the Word about the Birth of our Savior. Passing our Bible around so that each one of us could read a passage and Praising the Lord together for all HE has done for us! It was such a blessed time, a Christmas I will cherish in my heart always.

Rylee, Krista & Casey were with us on Christmas Eve. Poor Rylee wasn't feeling very good but she didn't let anything stop her from enjoying the afternoon. :) She is at that adorable age and since she just celebrated her 2nd birthday she has been opening ALOT of presents! I love that no matter what gift she opens she LOVES it! She is either saying "Thankyou" or "It's so peeety" aka "It's so pretty" or sometimes you might get a "That's so awesome" :) That one gets a laugh from all of us every single time!

Christmas Day we were at my Moms house and we were all sporting our Christmas hats! Remember I shared with you all that my mom asked us to don some sort of Christmas hat?! Well, Not one person disappointed her! I have to say My brother had the best hat of all! He "decked" it out himself! If you look close enough you can see he had Lights on his hat and YES they were blinking too!!! He didn't know I was taking this pic tho :)LOL

Here is everyone with their hats on :) Of Course, we had to have a crazy pic

When I asked my DH if he would wear an Elves hat....His reply was "Honey, I'll wear whatever you want me to" WOOHOO! Little did he know what I had in my hand to purchase for him LOL He was true to his word and wore it proudly!! Oh, how I love my man ♥

My Mother always makes everything so very special. No matter what the holiday, or even if we are over just to have dinner ~ everything has her "special touch" Here she is with her Grandkids ~ minus Krista. They all LOVE their Nanny sooo much ♥ and well, SO DO I! Thank you MOM, for making Christmas soo very Special !!! xoxo

It was a day filled with L♥VE, Laughter, and Joy as we celebrated the birth of Jesus. We had a delicious dinner, opened gifts and then played a hilarious round of "Catch Phrase" My oh My did we laugh and laugh!!

Truly, I am Blessed Beyond Measure



What great pictures Loren. May God bless each of you in the new year.

I love the hats!

The Real Me!

Gee, I don't know. You think our families would get along? LOL! I'm so glad you all had a great Christmas my friend!


It looks and sounds as if you had a wonderful Christmas Day gathering at your Mom's. I really like all of those hats. Your husband is a great sport to wear his elf hat.

He & Me + 3

What a blessed Christmas you had. I loved seeing all the pictures of your beautiful family. Loved the hats too. CUTE.


Blessings to you Loren, I loved reading that you all read the Christmas story together-I can't imagine doing that with dh. Loved seeing all the pics-and you and your man look adorable.
Have a very wonderful week. I'm so thankful for you.
Love, Noreen


Love, Laughter, Joy and Jesus....what more could a gal want? :-)


Girly Muse

Love your twirly top hat! So very cute! Your brother's hat is a hoot and love that picture of him, mid-bite. hahaha What a special family. Love how you love each other. Have a Happy New Year, my friend!!! Love you!

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