Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Words ~ Do yours bring life or death?

Week 4 of Toxic ______ is WORDS

Words kill, words give life;
they're either poison or fruit—you choose
Proverbs 15:4

You know the saying ~ "Sticks and stones may break my bones but Words will never hurt me" What a bunch of baloney!! Yet, this is what we tell our kids??

We all know Words can hurt us and some can remain with us for Years!! We also know a kind word can change our whole day. If we receive a written word in a positive or uplifting way, we hold on to it & look back on it when we need some encouragement
don't we?

We must guard our hearts against Toxic Words We all know we cannot control what others say BUT We can control what we hear! If we align the words spoken with Gods Word we will know not to allow lies to penetrate our heart.

Ephesians 4:29 tells us:

Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift.

Listen to this about our Words! Proverbs 15:4

Kind words heal and help;
cutting words wound and maim

I don't know about you ~ I don't want to speak words that wound OR maim! Verbal abuse takes sooo much time & work (counseling) to heal from! They can ruin our self esteem or crush our spirit for sure.

Here is an excerpt from Max Lucado's "A Love worth Giving"

Before you speak, ask: Will what I’m about to say help others become stronger?

You have the ability, with your words, to make a person stronger. Your words are to their soul what a vitamin is to their body. If you had food and saw someone starving, would you not share it? If you had water and saw someone dying of thirst, would you not give it? Of course you would. Then won’t you do the same for their hearts?
Your words are food and water!

Do not withhold encouragement from the discouraged.

Do not keep affirmation from the beaten down!

Speak words that make people stronger. Believe in them as God has believed in you."

As we go about our day, We all must remember ~

We are NOT who others say we are


Words are very powerful! After all...... God didn't wave his hand and create the planets, the oceans, our world, etc.

HE SPOKE it all into being

Oh Lord, I pray my words speak Life today and always!



Your words are always sweet to my heart sis, love you.

Nana's Nuggets

Good Morning Loren, Ouch! this post really spoke to my heart! I needed to hear this, I have been guilty of speaking kinda of an "attitude" with one of my family members, on Sunday, and just as soon as it happened; God jerked me back and I immediately told her how sorry I was. When I do this it just makes me sick!, because unhealthy attitudes and words can make one sick! Thank you for the reminder of what the "toxic" stuff can do! I just love it when God steps on my toes!, keeps one in line! Have a Happy Day:).

Beth in NC

Amen and amen! Our words hold the power of life OR death. I just wrote about a little "word" incident this weekend.

Thanks for sharing!


A great post Loren. Wishing you a great Tuesday.


I am a living survivor of tragic words spoken to and around me as a child. It has taken me many years to overcome....HE is faithful and HE continues to heal my heart.
Great post, my friend! Much needed!!


What a very good post Loren. The saddest thing about toxic words is...once you speak them there is NO taking them back. We can ask for forgiveness to that individual but the words usually resound in their mind for a long time. We all need to be oh so careful. Thanks for the reminder.

Speak kind words so you then will recieve kind echoes in return. Thanks for your kindness always Loren!


It's all about words. The gospel is the
Word of truth, hope, healing, salvation
to the fullest extent. What we say is
vitally important. We'll have to give
an account one day of every idle word.
When we speak out we release words out
into the spiritual atmosphere and there
are going to be repercussions. We must
think before we speak and then speak
by the Spirit of God to enforce His
Good words here today. I've enjoyed
all you've shared.
Love & blessings,
Sandy :0)


Your words to me are always a great encouragement. Do people still use that outdated sticks and stones saying? They probably do but everybody knows it's a lie. Bones heal a lot faster than feelings. Thank you for all the kind words you have said about me.


I so love this post.....words can be as fatal as any weapon or as soothing as rose petal. Have a great day....:-) Hugs


AMEN to this post!! It speaks to me on such a personal level. It is just soo true. Amazing how something as small as the tongue has the power it does to both hurt and bless. This was just such a good post. Have a great day Loren. Blessings and Hugs, Debbie


Absolutely love this post! Words can be very hurtful, and we all need to watch what comes out of our mouths! Thank you.



What a great reminder of just how powerful our words can be. We can use them to build up or tear down. I pray that God will convict me when mine are being used for the wrong way so I can repair any damage being done.

I use this acronym to help:

T - True
H - Helpful
I - Inspiring
N - Necessary
K - Kind

If my words don't apply to this simple rule, I need to refrain from saying anything.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Beth E.

Preach it, are so right! We speak either life or death with our tongue.

What a great post you have written. Thanks so much for sharing what was on your heart.



We are who God says we are! I like that, Loren.


what a great post.. and soooooo true..
let some one come in happy and speaking good things and everyone smiles..but the opposite can happen if some one comes in complaining and grumbling..It is contagious !

Thanks.. Do you mind if I use the THINK phrase on my chalk board at my house and maybe post it one day on my blog.. I will let them know for sure that it came from you...
Give credit where credit it due..
Thank you and God Bless


What a good message that was!! I had posted about words recently and this was just a great reminder. It sure has had me thinking about mine this week!!

Love you


Great knowledge and wisdom here, my dear friend. Love this!

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