Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Counting it All Joy

I just L♥VE to spread JOY, don't you? If you would like to join in and pass along some JOY of your own, go visit Angel. I know she will be filled with JOY if you do!

This week Joy is in my heart because ~

The temperature has dropped considerably! I was able to go out and swing with Rylee for a good long while! This brought both of us JOY

With School starting last week, we are finally getting into a routine and that always brings me JOY

Last night we went to Jantzen's Open House @ his school. I met all of his teachers and am so happy because they all seem to be just wonderful! He is thrilled with each one and that fills me with JOY

Very soon we will learn if we will be having a new Grand ~daughter or a Grand ~ Son ♥ THIS brings me exceeding JOY

My husband, My daughter and I are all reading or listening to the exact same book! That is too much fun and brings me JOY I L♥VE to talk about the book I am reading for sure! :)

When God speaks to me it typically will be in everything I am doing ~ sermons I hear, books I read, emails I receive! Does this happen to you? It brings me such JOY that the LORD cares that much for me to make sure I get all HE has for me!

Here is how I found my Son and Dog Maggie last night on my bed :) Tooo cute ~ and such JOY

I pray you all have a JOY filled week! I cherish each and every time you all come to visit! You all bless me sooo and fill my heart with JOY



What a great photo of your son and dog! Glad to hear you and Rylee can comfortably spend more time outdoors. Sounds like it's been a great week so far. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday Loren!


Anything that brings you joy sis, makes me smile. I love you.


Yay for Jantzen's teachers, I am so glad that all worked out for him.

All of you reading the same book, how cool. We read out loud together but have never done the individual and then talked about it. May have to try that.

Can't wait to find out about that grandbaby!!

Love you


Your list makes me joyful! Love the
sweet picture of your son and doggie!


Girl, I think your middle name is Joy. I always am happy every time I leave your place.

Congratulations on the new grandbaby who will be here shortly! There's nothing like a new baby in the family.

Steph T.

I love that sweet!

Hey...I sent you a FB on the reply thing you asked me about...I'm so clueless...fill me in on what i need to do to let you reply to me. I 'm a blog nerd remember!! LOL! love ya!

He & Me + 3

That is neat about reading the same have your own book club. Fun.
That picture is adorable. I love to see my kids showing our doggie attention. So sweet for both of them.
When will you know what the grandbaby will be?


That is the cutest picture! There is nothing more joyful than swinging as high as you can ... unless it's swinging with your granddaughter!


I LOVED your just bubbles over off your page from your it...HUGS, Deb


I always breathed a sigh of relief when I met my kids teachers, too! It is wonderful when you all read the same book together and discuss. Carrie and I did that a few times while she was in college. I would drive up and we would sit in the park and talk about it...just like in pioneer days! God spoke to Tom and I this morning through the minister on TV. We received the message, prayed about it and KNEW God was present!



That photo is pure joy!

Beth E.

All of your pics are good, but my favorite is the last one. Now, that is one relaxed dog! lol

The temps here have finally dropped, too. PRAISE GOD! I've hardly stepped foot into my flower gardens this year....too hot! We've had the hottest summer on record in our area. At last count, 54 days this summer with temps at or above 90. I'm ready for autumn!


I'm smiling. In my minds eye I see you smiling too. I even like the sound of the word JOY! Thanks for posting this joy filled post.

Victor S E Moubarak

I came here by accident because I was intrigued by the title The Magoos News. I like the colors/drawings on your Blog. I'll read for a bit and then I'll visit Angel as you suggest. Visit me if you wish, or if you have nothing better to do! Oh ... there's a Free E Book for you and your readers on my Blog.

God bless.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU

Oh my goodness... we are loving that the hot weather has finally given us a few days break!

How exciting to know what new little one will be joining you!

Love the shot of Maggie... how cute!! :)

♥ Jennifer

Girly Muse

That picture is too cute for words!!! Love that so much!!!

Just reading your joyful thoughts gives me joy. Excited to hear about that grandbaby!!!

Love you, Loren! Have a Thankful Thursday. :) XO


I cant wait to hear what your grandbaby will be. What do you think... a boy or girl? Blessings,

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