Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's A.......

Wow you guys! What a wonderful evening we had!! Krista and Kc were so excited and well, Krista had been patient long enough ;) She was ready to get this show on the road!! LOL They had quite the turn out to see what this baby was going to be!

Here are the infamous cupcakes.....just waiting to be bitten into so that we would finally know ~ were they filled with Pink or Blue on the inside???? Angel did an AWESOME Job! They were absolutely DELICIOUS!!

The Plan was to let Rylee bite into the cupcake but she decided she didn't want to soooo...Momma was happy to oblige! :) She only bit enough to see and then she said ~ "It's ...... BLUE "

It's A Boy!!! You know, honestly we just want a Healthy Happy Baby but I am sooo happy they are having a boy! Now we will have a little Prince to go with our Princess

Here is most of everyone who we made the shirts for.... just a few are missing. Only a few people were sporting PINK

I had to share how we made Rylee's shirt "special" with a Princess iron on! Isn't it darling!!

Here is my Precious Family! It just humbles me everyday How Very Good God has been to me! I am soo very Blessed Just before my Mom snapped the photo Rylee yells "Fuzzy Pickles" We were all cracking up! :)

We will be holding this Precious Baby Boy in our arms come early next year! Until then, the Lord is working away knitting our Precious one into all HE wants him to be. I cannot wait to see what God has in store!

Thank you all for sharing in my JOY!



Loren, Congratulations !!! Praying your grandbaby will be born healthy and safe and your daughter will have the best pregnancy. I know you are so happy:) Love you and again Congratulations on your upcoming blessing.

I posted a dilation chart on my blog, I have never seen it described that way LOL. I am still 4 cm. Nothing going on here. Blessings,

Country Wings in Phoenix

Good Morning Loren Sweetie...
What a precious idea. To celebrate in filling the cupcakes with the proper color. I love it. I have never heard of this before.

You are truly blessed with a large family and so LOVING. You can just see in all the faces.

That little Rylie is a cutie patootie. I love her little pony tails.

Congratulations to all. I will be waiting to see the Little Prince early next year.

Have a gorgeous day sweet friend.

Country hugs, Sherry

The Real Me!

That is so great! Yay! It's an exciting time for sure!


What a beautiful family you have been
blessed with! Congratulations on that
boy on the way! May his life be blessed
with a special grace of God.


That is wonderful news! Looks like the party was lots of fun. Sharing in your joy today.

Daughter of the KING

Know you are excited. Sounds like the party was lots of fun. The idea for those cupcakes was neat, would have never thought of that...

Linda J


How wonderously exciting...I am soo happy for you...This was such a good idea....CONGRATULATIONS to you all....HUGS, Debbie

Steph T.

WHAT? I'm the first one to comment!! WOW!! Oh...wait...u have to approve them so maybe not...LOL!

I am so excited for your family! What a fun & special night for everyone! Many blessing for that sweet baby boy!! He will be so loved in Jesus Name!!

Girly Muse

SOOOOO adorable. Love all the sweet pictures. The shirts are too cute. That princess one for Rylee!!!~ oh my goodness!

So excited for you and the baby boy that's coming. Love the whole party idea and the cupcake reveal. Too fun for words.

Love you, sweet Loren. You are precious in His sight. It's evident in everything you say and do.


Beautiful post! I want a cupcake.

Nana's Nuggets

Well Loren, this was such a cute event!! And that baby is just going to be a little "piece" of heaven and he is fearfully and wonderfully made! God said so!!. You all are a beautiful family:). Loved Rylie's shirt, gotta have just a little "sparkle"! that makes life fun:)Blessings from my house to yours.

Nana's Nuggets

PS, sorry I misspelled Rylee's name and just mail me a cupcake!! Oh! yeah!


Well that was quite exciting and I got there just in time with the cupcakes. So glad I got to see her bite in!!! She cracked me up screaming it's blue with cake hanging out of her mouth!!

Seeing you mom filled my heart with JOY, especially during this time of missing mine!!

Congrats of the baby boy!!

Love you


Dear, dear Loren, As Melanie from Gone With the Wind would say, "The best days are the days when babies come."--or something like that--you get my drift.

This is wonderful news and since I am the mother of three boys, I think it is especially wonderful--although God made it up to me, ha, since I now have 6 granddaughters--only one grandson.

What a special, special day for you and your family. I rejoice with all of you.


Beautiful pear tree lane

Loren, just loved, loved , loved this post and of course your previous post too. What a wonderful idea of a gender reveal party. Congratulations on having a baby boy. Your photo of your family is priceless, May God continue to pour His blessings upon you and your family. God Is Great all the time.

Beth E.

How exciting! Thanks so much for sharing the news. Now...if only you could share those yummy-looking cupcakes that Angel made! ;-)


Congrats sis, so very happy for your family. I love you.


Love Love Love the idea of sharing the sex of the baby with colored filling in the cupcakes ... so clever and fun!!!

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