Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This has just been a Joyfilled week I must say!! Let me share why I am filled with JOY ~

Because No matter where I go I am NEVER alone ~ God is ALWAYS by my side! JOY Unspeakable

Even though my husband had to go out of town unexpectedly for the whole week I was able to spend some Sweet Quality time with him and even have a lunch date @ a new restaurant before he left town :) ♥ Pure JOY

My sweet boy Jantzen held my face in his hands and said "Mom, do you know how much I love and appreciate you?" Oh my! Sweet Sweet JOY!

Rylee is quite the talker! Yesterday she was sitting in her high chair coloring while I was cleaning up the kitchen & out of the blue she says" I love you Noni"....sniff sniff....She said it without me saying it first!!! Melted my heart completely!! Precious JOY I tell ya Just PRECIOUS

Last night was my daughter's VERY LAST open house EVER @ her school. We were walking through the halls and my Sweet Jenna grabs my hand to hold it!!! I am sooo blessed! I had other Moms stop me and say, "why is your daughter walking around with you? Mine wouldn't come because they don't want to be seen with me?" Isn't that sooo sad! Here my daughter ASKED me to go and not only came with me but she's holding my hand while walking around :):) EXTREME JOY!!

Thursday we get to go out to dinner with my Mom and Stepdad! Yay!! It is always tooo much fun when we are all able to go out for the evening! Papa (my stepdad, but Papa to the kids) doesn't always get to join us so when he does ~ it is such a treat!!!

We have a Holiday weekend coming up and well, those always bring me JOY! How about you? What has brought you JOY this week???

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What a blessed week you have enjoyed Loren. Right up until mama passed away, we held hands often...cherished memories. Hope you have a wonderful day! That Rylee is a sweetheart!

Beautiful pear tree lane

Good Morning Loren, I am filled with joy just by reading this post!!! The joy you are experiencing just flows through. God is so gracious!! I was on my way out to walk, and thought I would come by and I am so glad! You have lifted my spirit today. May God continue to use you to spread His joy to others,
Much love going your way today,

The Real Me!

Doesn't it melt your heart when the little ones come out and say I love you without being prompted? My youngest has been doing that and it just makes me smile from ear to ear!
Loved your joyfilled week!
Joy is getting to meet another blogger on Thursday when I pick them up at the airport. But I can't say who yet!

Nana's Nuggets

WoW! what a wonderful "Joy" week you have had! It is such a Blessing to be surrounded by friends, family and just loving Jesus is the ultimate call to make it happen! Hope you have a happy:), week-end as well. Love ya!


Sounds like you had a joyful week so far. Isn't it amazing the small things kids do that make your heart melt...


The JOY at the beginning of the week is continuing I see!! Love how sweet your kids are!! The things they do so remind me of mine. Mine have always wanted me around and to be part of whatever was going on with them, just breaks my heart for the moms who have kids that don't want them around, can't even imagine!!

Forgot about Brian being gone, but so glad you had your little date. You'll have to tell me about that restaurant!!

Dinner with mom and Michael - FUN!!!

Love you


Happy Hump Day!

Kathy C.

All those things are such glorious blessings. The fact that your childen and your grandaughter have such a deep desire to be with you and show you affection is a beautiful reflection of the woman that you are. They love you because you love them!!!
I love this Joy always makes my heart smile! ;)


Reading your post made my heart happy. You are a fantastic spreader of JOY!!!

Country Wings in Phoenix

Oh Loren Sweetie...
What a beautiful post today. I so love this write of yours. One child is kissing you, one is loving you, and the other is holding your hand. What more could a Mother ask for. Yes my friend you are truly blessed. That hubby will be back before you can bat your eyes.

You even get to go out to dinner with family. No cooking yeah. That is as good as it gets. The Love of our Family is such a beautiful gift from God.

Thank you for sharing with me this beautiful morning. I have so enjoyed my visit.

I will be back soon. Love ya my friend. Many country hugs, Sherry


So much joy! It makes me joyful just to hear about all your joy.

Steph T.

U always inspire me to be a better mom...I love how you have such amazing relationships with your kids...:)

Jenna's last open house...sniff sniff...hang in there mom!!


What a wonderful joy list, Loren! You family is a witness of the joy and love of Jesus!


May joy continue to pour out all over you sis, love you.


It made me smile to read about your daughter. That is so wonderful you share that relationship. It reminds me of me and my Mom.

God bless you!


I think I will rename you and call you Joy, this post was so happy and full of love. Perhaps it is because you spread joy that you receive it.
......:-) Hugs


Loren, Your life is full of blessings, as mine is also. When my children attended private school I would always walk in with them and they would hug and kiss me. They were never bothered at all by it either. Have the best week. Much Love,

Girly Muse

I love how your kids love you. I'm glad they know what a treasure you are. Love you, Loren!!!

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