Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm Sooo Excited & I just can't Hide IT ;)

Tonight THIS ♥ is what we will be doing???

My friend and Yours ~ Angel suggested a Gender Reveal Party!! I had never heard of one before, have you?? Early this morning Krista and Kc will be having their Ultrasound done and the tech with write down what the baby is then seal it in an envelope and hand it to Angel.
Krista and Kc along with about 30-40 others will find out tonight as we bite into one of Angels Famous Cupcakes. Inside, the filling will be either pink or blue

Also, Everyone has been asked to cast their vote as to what they think the Baby will be, by wearing Pink or Blue shirts....So Brian and I made everyone (our family and Kristas mom and their family) shirts. We looked and looked for Blue tshirts but finding 14 of them in all the right sizes was IMPOSSIBLE! SOOOO ~ I thought AHA...I could TYE DYE them !! So we did. Then my Brother created the "team baby boy" LOGO. Then my Dh did all the names :) It was truly a team effort! Dont' they look AWESOME!!

Our names are based on what Rylee calls us!

LOOK who else got in on the action!!! Look at Maggies Feet and Mouth!! OMG We couldn't even get on to her! We were cracking up laughing!! What a MESS she is and THAT FACE.... Gotta Love Her!!

Hope everyone has a blessed Monday! Be sure to Come back tomorrow so I can let you all know what this baby is!!!!


Jennifer @ Studio JRU

OH my goodness... that is going to be SO much fun! Everyone is going to be going crazy for those cupcakes. Looks like team blue has a large following... so everyone thinks the baby is going to be a he? :) Any pink shirts coming to the party? The shirts look fantastic! You guys did a great job!! Can't wait to see what those yummy cupcakes hold inside!

Love & Blessings,

The Real Me!

That is soooo cool! I love that idea. And the shirts look fabulous!!! Can't wait to see if you're right.

Girly Muse

This is SO cute and fun! How exciting! Can't wait to hear the result!!!

Those shirts are awesome! I think you have a tee-making business in the works.

Have a blast. Love you!


That sounds like a lot of fun....can't wait to hear the results.

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, Now you have showed me something I have never heard of! This is just an adorable idea! and you all are absolutely making this a Happy and Fun event! those shirts are toooo cute! I just can't wait for the Grand Fanale! See ya! tomorrow! Have a Blast with this don't forget to show us pics! Luv ya!


What a great idea! Your shirts are precious. And now I'm craving cupcakes! lol Can't wait to hear the news.


What a FUN idea...LOVE the tee-shirts....Have a wonderful celebration. I'll be back tomorrow to find out. Blessings and hugs, Debbie


Somebody's having fun!


How fun! The shirts are just fabulous and I'll be anxious to hear all about the party (and cupcakes) tomorrow. Enjoy!


How fun! I look forward to seeing the inside of your cupcake. I saw pictures on Facebook of a girl who did a gender reveal and they had a little cake and cut it on Father's Day with her Dad.
All this talk of cupcakes and reading of Angel's journey makes me want some!

Steph T.

What a cute & fun idea!!! Can I have one of those cupcakes btw...:) I LOVE CUPCAKES!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited for you all. I love the shirts!! How cool!!! Have a blast & we can't wait to hear the results!!!!!

Beth E.

Great shirts...what a neat idea! Maggie is cracking me up!


I love it! You are so creative and so much FUN!

Maggie is the coolest of cool... I can't wait to hear what color was inside those cupcakes.

Hugs ya!

He & Me + 3

What a fun and great idea. I was just talking to a friend of mine about these gender reveal parties. Such cute ideas.


What a fun idea! Can't wait to find out.


I love how all your family (even the dog)was included in this happy event......I am still smiling over the joy I am feeling for everyone.
......:-) Hugs


Woo Hoo, what a fun time sis. Enjoy.


Too much fun and great ideas ... thanks for sharing!!!

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