Thursday, August 26, 2010

As The Deer Pants for the Water ~ Simple Pleasures

As the deer longs for streams of water,
so I long for you, O God

Every Evening, families of Deer graze through our back yard. I never take these beautiful animals for granted! Almost always I catch myself humming or singing the infamous Hymn..... for HE truly is my Hearts Desire. He is my Strength and my Shield.

It brings me such pleasure to see them each and every night! When I get too close, they alert one another and run like this picture shows. I know though, they will be back the next day They come back faithfully day after day, because they know they will be fed ~ as much as they can eat! Isn't that just how we should be ~ Coming to our Father....hungry and trusting to be fed to overflowing!

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wow thats awesome... deer grazing in your backyard!!

Nana's Nuggets

Good Morning Loren, I too have deer where I live, back yard, front yard, stopping for them when leave my house, and oh! those little babies are just the cutest! and I often think of that song as well. Isn't that just the neatest! Love It. Pics were so pretty! Have a great Thursday:). Luv Ya! Girl.


I love this Loren. I love the deer too. They remind me so much of His love. Thank you so much for posting this. Sarah


Well, you know I love this--that is the music on my blog--sorry to say I don't have them in my backyard though.

And my heart longs with yours,


How beautiful! Look at those "big" antlers! WOW! What a beautiful analogy...yes, we should be like the deer....



Deer are such graceful creatures. How blessed to be able to see them every evening. Great post. Thanks so much for linking up.


Beautiful! And that is, hands down, one of my favorite hymns of all time.


A beautiful pictures. (Both the one that you took with the camera and the spiritual one you created with words.) I would be singing that hymn as well. In fact, I'm humming it right now.

How wonderful would it be to have that view every morning. I'm so glad that you don't take it for granted.

It's like manna.

Steph T.

They are beautiful!!! So glad you get to enjoy His beauty!!


Such peaceful, pretty pictures of the deer and a great analogy of God's love for us. Wishing you many blessings this day.

Deb Shucka

Lovely analogy. I'm the same way with deer - never ever get tired of them. We have a pair of young ones who graze in our back field, or eat my blueberries. I stand in wonder watching them every time I spot them. Even when they eat my roses, I love them.


I love seeing the deer, too, though it
isn't often I get to unless I go to a
friend's home in the country. What a
beautiful picture! My heart longs after
my Lord, too.


A heartwarming blog, indeed, and a great simple pleasure.

T's Daily Treasures

How wonderful! So glad to see you enjoy the moment and welcome their presence. It always amazes me when folks want to run them off. We have built our homes in their habitats and should respect that they were likely there long before we came along. Best wishes for a fabulous Friday. :) Tammy

Sassy Granny ...

There's something so very calming about grazing deer. They're elegant and alert, and so graceful.

I could watch nature by the hour. It never disappoints, and always leaves an imprint.



Beyond beautiful sis.

Daughter of the KING

What a blessing to have nature so beautiful in your own back yard. Really enjoyed your post today. How I long to truly echo the words of David "as the deer pants for water so I long for you..."

Linda J

dee dee

My mom and dad have deer in their backyard too! Just yesterday she watched a baby deer play in her mulch! I love the way your tied this together with God abd our need for him!
God bless! dee dee


What a beautiful post and the photos of the deer..just great.
Thanks so much for coming by to hear about our miracles. Please come back soon..
I am your newest follower.:))

The Real Me!

That is so cool. They are such beautiful creatures. Unfortunately well not unfortunately but anyway I was raised in a family of hunters so I actually have a picture of myself when I was in a baby carrier and it's sitting under a dead deer hanging upside down. Now my first thought was,"Who thought this was a kodak moment?" LOL!
Sooo.....this comment probably doesn't go to well with your beautiful thoughts this morning does it?
Well did it at least make you smile? It is what it is. Ha!
Love you girlie!


Beautiful. Have a great weekend, Blessings


Lovely pictures of the grazing deer...lovely post! God bless.

He & Me + 3

We love to see deer while we are driving. What a treat to have them out your back window. They are such beautiful animals.

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