Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Counting in ALL JOY and some L♥VE

Loving these Joy -filled posts and adding in L♥VE is just a double portion of the Lords goodness don't ya think? To join in and meet these awesome women who host these meme's go here to meet Angel and share some JOY and here to meet Joanne and share what Love looks like in your home

Today Joy fills my heart because Our family is going to dinner with Angels family tonight! She is treating us to thank us for helping her with the wedding this past weekend! We are going to have MEXICAN :) YUMMY!!

Joy fills my heart because my sweet Son went to run with me last night as I started a new workout plan called "From the couch to 5K" He is so supportive! No matter what I am doing ~ Zumba, Jillians 30 Day Shred, or running ~ He is there to workout with me!

Joy fills my heart because Angel got a phone call to come be on the Food Network Show called "Cupcake Wars"!!! I am just so excited for her and know she will hear from the Lord what she should do.... but what an honor!

Joy fills my heart when the Gods Word speaks and instructs.....
Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with God's people who are in need. Practice hospitality. Rom 12:11-13

This week I am also joining Joanne and sharing what L♥VE looks like in our home:

Most of you know I am blessed to have our granddaughter on Tuesdays. She comes the night before and spends Monday night with us. It is sooo much fun :) One thing Rylee l♥ves to do is to grab your face and rub noses! She just giggles and giggles! I love to watch her with her Papa and the kids, but oh boy ....when she grabs my face ~ I melt :)

Rylee sharing L♥VE in our home

Thank you Ladies for these Meme's! Won't you join in and share your JOY and Love today!



Good Morning Loren. What a heart-warming post. That's awesome that your son is so supportive.

The Mexican dinner sounds sooooo good - that's my favorite when eating out.

Those are the sweetest pics of Rylee. What a blessing she is!

This is a a great verse you have shared today. Just a JOYFUL way to start my day. Take care.

The Real Me!

Awww...I'm feeling the LOVE and it fills me with JOY! It's so cool about Angel. I can't wait to hear what she decides. And your granddaughter is so cute! I love that age!!!
Have a fabulous day my friend.


I love your joy and love sis. Love looks really sweet in your home.

Sassy Granny ...

It's so therapeutic, this calculating of joy. It's what gives lift to our sails, and lilt to our laughter.

It also gives us an insight into your heart, Loren. Pretty darn precious, I'd say!

Joy & love to you,


The Joy and Love splashed of your post!
Brought an smile on my face..

Steph T.

OH Loren! That picture of you and Rylee is precious!! I love it!! And way to go on the COuch potato to 5k!! You can do it!! Let's run a 5k together when you are ready!!
I"m so excited about Angel and the cupcake Wars!!! WOW!!
What a great list you have!


Loren, yes, I enJOY and LOVE both memes so much, too. I looked for Joanne's last night, before doing my JOY post, but it wasn't up yet, so I'll do my LOVE post now.
Thank you for sharing the adorable pictures of Rylee!
I am feeling fine physically this morning. My body just hurt last night, because it was late, and because of riding in the car, but I am fine! Thank you for your prayers and encouragment!


Yay, dinner with YOU!! Love your JOY!!

Love the pictures of Rylee, what a sweetie!!

Love you


Rylee is so cuddly. Love the pics because I always rub noses with Susanna. You have a special son, indeed, who will work out with you. That's great! Happy Wednesday.

Joanne@ Blessed...

Loren, your blog just oozes joy and love.

Wish you lived in my neighborhood. I'd attempt to run with you. I got my bum on the treadmill the other day and it took me fifteen minutes to complete a mile! Pathetic.

He & Me + 3

I have been wondering about the couch to 5k. Sounds interesting. That is awesome for Angel. Wow.
Your Rylee is just too cute. Love those pictures.


What a great post. How fun to be on Cupcake Wars...that is so awesome! Those are great sweet!


Oh, Loren, this post makes me feel loved just reading it. And there is nothing like a grandchild with their face pressed against yours. You both are beautiful and that picture should be in the dictionary beside the word JOY!

Beautiful post. Love, D.

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation

What a precious joy our grandchildren are! Thank you for such encouraging Bible verses and a sweet post on love and joy. :)

Girly Muse

That is so exciting for Angel!!! Be sure to let us know what happens with that.

Adore these pictures. And ALL the pictures that I'm having fun seeing while I catch up on your blog~ I've missed you this week!!! What a gorgeous, fun family you have created. Love you so.

Enjoy that sunshine, stay cool and keep laughing LOTS. XO

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