Thursday, July 29, 2010

Simple Pleasures ~ Swimming

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I am just thrilled to participate in Simple Pleasures hosted by Dayle of "A Collection of This and That"!! To participate or join in go here

Today I was spending some quiet time with the Lord as I was out weeding my flowerbed and soaking up the Sunshine! I LOVE Summer and my favorite thing to do is go swimming with my kids and my sweet Grand-daughter Rylee! Watching my kids play in the pool no matter how old they have been just brings me such Joy! Relaxing by the water with a book or a friend to talk to is just heaven to me! Everything about it ~ The sunshine, the pretty landscape around the pool, the flowers in full bloom, and the kids laughing....Brings me such Pleasure!

What about you? What is one of your Simple Pleasures this week?


The Real Me!

Oh to have a pool! I'd probably turn into a fish. It's about the only thing you can do outside right now without dying from the heat. OY!
My simple pleasure is sitting on the deck with a glass of ice tea in the Summer, Hot coffee in the winter and watching the birds take a bath in the birdbath! I love that!


What a sweet picture. Looks like Rylee played so hard she just couldn't keep her eyes open any longer!
My simple pleasure this week was sitting on the porch watching/listening to much needed rain!
Have a wonderful day Loren!


What a great photo! You look awesome! :)

My simple pleasure is sitting outside and letting our little herd of goats forage on our property......watching the mamas interact with the babies, and listening to the birds in the distance (minus my annoying roosters, LOL)


That is one of my favorite things to do too. We don't have a pool so another of my favorites is my kids and grandchildren just hanging out on our front porch. Priceless.


Your granddaughter is just beautiful.
I think holding a sleeping baby in your
arms is one of the sweetest pleasures
in life,especially your own.


Thanks for linking up today, Loren. Your simple pleasure made my heart sing. Oh, to have a grandbaby to hold. :) One of these years.


One of my favorite pleasures is holding a grandchild! Cute picture!!


Good morning, Loren. Thanks for linking up today. I attempted to post a comment earlier. Not sure if it will appear later or not (you never know about this bloggy stuff sometimes), but I love your simple pleasure today. The joys of a grandbaby is something I hope to know one of these years.


Hi Loren, Love the photo of you and Rylee-so beautiful! I am thankful that I have 9 joys in my life and that I get to live close to them and see them whenever I want. I am thankful that His grace cover me....these are the simple pleasures of my life.
Hugs today,


Your pic of you and your precious Rylee is just adorable. I have soo many "simple" pleasures. One of them for sure is watching my grandkids enjoy their day WHATEVER it is they might happen to be on. Watching their faces light up when I come through the door...just doesn't get much better...HUGS, Debbie



This is the one thing we wish we would have included in looking for a house in the desert, was a pool.

These lazy summer days are a reminder of childhood memories of literally spending the entire day and night by the pool or in it. Love that you and Rylee will have these treasured memories to share.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Studio JRU

Aww... what an adorable picture!! A pool sounds so good about now! We had a big 'set up yourself' pool here... until a storm/wind/tornado event took it out along with our basketball hoop. :(


Oh yes, that is such a pleasure. I always have loved summer and that is one of the reasons!

Janette@Janette's Sage

How precious!!! This week the heat was less and we got to eat outside for dinner with a cool breeze...that is a simple pleasure for July in Texas!


Love your simple pleasure! I love to hear the sound of my boys laughter....big belly laughter! Great have such a beautiful smile!


My simple pleasures are definitely holding my sweet Ella and being at the pool is way up on the list!! Also a simple pleasure was being with you guys at the pool the day that picture was taken!!

Love you my friend!!


As everyone else has already said, "This is a great photo of you and Rylee!"
I enjoy all of those same simple pleasures, too. Thank you for sharing and thank you for all of your comments to me.
Yes, I enjoy all of these happy memes. I didn't wait for Joanne so that I could join my Thankful and Love posts, so I don't know if anyone read mine for Love this week. Oh well! Have a great Friday and weekend!


Enjoyed your simple pleasure sis. I love you.


Keep soaking in those joys. They are irreplaceable. You and the baby are both precious.

Love you,

He & Me + 3

I was in my garden last night thinking of the Lord and spending a bit of time with Him. So peaceful and so many lessons can be learned from a garden. :)
Sweet picture. Simple pleasures are the best.


One of my greatest pleasures this week was taking a child for an ice cream cone....his eyes were as big as the ice cream.....just precious.
.............:-) Hugs


We have really dropped the ball in the pool department this year. My mom has one and enjoys seeing her granddaughters enjoying it, and we have not taken advantage of it as much as we should. It cools you right to the bones when you do!

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