Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesdays top 10 ~ Why I L♥VE Summer

Why I L♥VE Summer:

1) Staying up Late

2) Sleeping IN

3) Swimming all day if we want to :)

4) The beautiful flowers all around the house ~ on my front and back porch ~ hanging in their baskets! I just Love them!

5) My kids being home and no schedule to live by

6) grilling out

7) watching fireflies light up my backyard each evening!

8) sitting outside in the evenings or riding bikes around the neighborhood, shooting hoops, fireworks shows by Jantzen!

9) OK I have to stick a practical one in here ;) .....LESS LAUNDRY! I love it! and I just HATE winter laundry

10) Thank you Lord for the different seasons you have blessed us with ~ Summer is my favorite for these and many other reasons!

Why do you love Summer?



I am really a lover of Spring and
Autumn far more than Summer. I do
enjoy the abundance of flowers and
vegetables in our gardens in the
Summer months, but I don't care for
the heat of Summer. Still, there is
that certain "something" about the
Summer months when things just seem
to be easier, lighter, and life less
Hope you and yours continue to enjoy
your Summer!

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, this was such a "Cheery" little post! You have such a "gift" of creativity, and you just have a way of making life sound fun! Just love the simplicity of enjoying everyday!! Thank You Lord for the "simple pleasures" that you give us!:)


I love this list.


Good Morning...You've named most of my favorite reasons too....I might add ~ stays light until almost 8:30 making your day seem sooo long....fresh corn on the cob, and strawberries....beach days....afternoon matinee movies....Have a wonderful day Loren...HUGS, Debbie

Rona's Home Page

Why I love summer ~ it brings hot dry temps which are good for my pain management. Hubby and I take late night walks holding hands. Dave, our African Jasmine blooms the most beautiful white flowers!

Heather T.

Me too :)

Except the laundry one...for some reason, we still have loads of laundry but we also have a pool and more towels in use. I find shirts outside with dirt plastered on them, socks in the mud, towels beside the pool. Yeah..they're as disciplined as I was at their age :)


What a great list! I love summer becasue my wife loves it so much. My wife is not a good "house-bond" person, she loves to be outside, weeding, gardening, planting, walking, etec. Me, I could care less, I am an indoors guy - give me a book, something to study, my computer, a lesson to work up and I could care less if it is raining or sunny.

I will admit it is fun to have an outdoor BBQ now and then and watch the grandkids play outside with a good burger and cold water melon.


Ditto to all that!! Love, Love, Love Summer and all that goes with it!!

Love you much!!


Oh I love this post. And I love your photo illustrations too. Your list is fun. Sounds like mine. BTW thank you for coming by my blog last week and for saying a prayer for me. This is my first visit here. Thanks for coming over.
Have a Blessed Week,

He & Me + 3

I love all those things too...but my laundry is more because my kids change their clothes 8 times a day and use towels all day long. It is crazy.


Those are all such great reasons. We, however, don't have fireflies or lightning bugs as we called them, which I do miss.



Oh how I miss fireflies! We don't have them here and I'm not sure why not. I guess I will have to research that and let you know.

I love summer because you can hang some things out to dry instead of running the dryer.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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