Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day Fav's

We had such a wonderful Family-filled Fathers Day

LOL ~ Isn't He Funny!!

Brian got an Power Inverter so he can charge his camera or run his laptop in his truck! He was THRILLED :)

Krista and Rylee spent the afternoon with us and Rylee gets to stay here til Tuesday night! :) WOOHOO

Here I am cooking ~ I made Chicken Enchiladas, rice, beans and Brians (& MOMS) Favorite Chocolate Cake!!

Rylee ♥

Cousins :) Brit, Bailey and Jantzen....Brit doesn't look so happy ;)

I hope you all had a Blessed weekend and Fathers Day



So glad your family enjoyed the day, love you.

The Real Me!

Fun fun! And Brit looks like a valley girl taken out of the 80's in the picture. LOL!
But don't tell her I said that! Ha! Ha!

Still Learning

awwww, sounds like a wonderful day! Everyone looks happy and beautiful. We had a really nice day around here too :)

Have a great day,



Such a cute picture of her with that sucker in her mouth.

Girly Muse

I'm giggling that it looks like Brian might have had a pink gift bag? That happens around here sometimes too. :) Pretty please.

Looks like an awesome day. Love you!


How funny. . . I made Chicken Enchiladas, Rice, and Beans, too!!! We also had such a great family, fun filled day! Just too short!
Glad you had a great day and that you have Rylee to enjoy!


Happy Father's Day to your hubby! Looks like it was filled with the best! A bit like your Mother's Day.

Our Father's Day got lost in the shuffle a bit...thankfully Daddy understood.


Gotta just say: Ms. Rylee is a little doll!

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement, and support. You will NEVER Know how much they mean to me.



Glad you had a nice day Loren...LOVED your pics. You are such a pretty lady, (you are soo young!) and that Riley? What a doll...Enjoy your day. HUGS

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

looks like y'all had a great father's day.

praying for you my friend. i know this father's day was hard. it was for me even 16 years later.


Looks like a fun day!! Love all the pictures!! I made mexican too, go figure!! Rylee is adorable in that sucker picture!!

Love you!!

Me and Mine in a Small Town

Awww, I'm so glad that you all had a wonderful Father's Day! I loved the pics as well!! Rylee is a doll! I love the color of her hair!!!

JC Dude

Looks like everyone had a grand time! I love it when God blesses us with great family times!


Sassy Granny ...

Absolutely adorable! How wonderful that you now have all these new memories among your Father's Day collections.



Looks like you all had an amazing day. I love those power inverters cause you don't need the car chargers for any common thing you want to you. A simple plug and your all set. I use mine for my laptop.

WOW you really are so tan, are you outside a lot?

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Melanie cute are you Miss Loren! Your hair looks great. What do I tell my stylist to get mine like yours? Seriously. I will be needing a haircut in the next couple of weeks.

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