Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fathers Day ~ Spiritual Sundays

When I asked the Lord what to post, I then added that I wanted it to be in regards to Fathers Day but wanted it to be what God wanted! I feel this is what HE wanted me to post even though I did this last year....Reading a Love letter is something we can do over and over again and the Words become more and more Precious as the years go by....Isn't that so much more true with Gods Words! May you experience HIM anew as you hear these words that HE wrote ~ JUST.FOR.YOU!

May you all have a blessed Fathers Day as we celebrate and Praise our Heavenly Father!

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Daughter of the KING

Wow - thank you Loren. This was a wonderful way to celebrate Father's day learning of the love of our Heavenly FATHER!

Linda J


Hi Loren,

i love this Video! each time i watch it... my eyes well up with tears. thanks for posting this.

Have a great Father's Day!!

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, OH! my gosh this video was Awesome!! I Loved it! Thanks for sharing, It displayed so much of my most favorite scriptures. There is nothing like Psalms 139!! Just so needed this today! for the awesome reminder that God's Love is never ending. Thank You Lord, for your Love!
Great Post!!:),and thanks for follwing me! Lovin! your friendship!:)

Sassy Granny ...

How utterly breathtaking!

Rona's Home Page

What a beautiful post.

Thank you Heavenly Father for your blessings everyday!


Thank you for sharing this wonderful message my beautiful daughter. XXOO Mom

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage

Beautiful! Thank-you for sharing this awesome video today, it's perfect!
God Bless,

Elizabeth Mahlou

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in your life!


So grateful that our Heavenly Father guided you, His daughter, to share this wonderful message with us. Beautiful & loving!


I've seen this before but it's fresh and new everytime I listen to it. Extremely comforting. thank you for sharing it...


I am so glad you reposted this video..It is beautiful! What a blessing..Thanks!


Just found your book blog which lead me to this one, too. I'm enjoying looking around. Your blog designs are so pretty and I like how positive and upbeat you are about life! Happy Reading this summer!

He & Me + 3

Love that.
Your Dad...Almighty God.
So glad He is my daddy! My Abba Father!
Thanks for sharing this video.

Whidbey Woman

There are several video versions of this out there. Every time I see one, I am so encouraged.
Yes, we know God loves us... but this helps us to reflect on the depth of that love. It is a great witness to non-believers, and encourages those who do not have a loving earthly father.
God bless.


I think you heard His Voice right about what to post. We don't know when many out there need to hear about His invitation to get to know Him...His love. Have a great weekend sister Loren and God bless you always. Love you in Christ.

Crystal Mary

Just lovely!
it strange but I have never thought of God the Father on Fathers Day!! Thank you for reminding me. Bless you.


This is so beautiful, Loren. I wish everybody in the world could see it. It's the perfect Father's Day post.


Beautiful post...Such an important reminder...if we choose to listen. Blessings, Patty


Thanks for touching my heart, love you.


What A WONDERFUL video. I loved it...such a good way to start this day. Hope you have a wonderful day. HUGS, Debbie

A Busy Single Mom

What a powerful and comforting video!

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren , hope you are up and going, hey just had this overwhelming feeling to ask a few of my "bloggy friends", to pray for our church this morning, I can't explain right now, but please pray for First Baptist Church, here in Texas! I will be very grateful for this fav! thank you so much, Have a Blessed Day with Family!


Wow, wow, wow! This is powerful. Thank you.


This is really wonderful.
We posted the same letter.
God Bless you.

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