Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving right along

Happy Wednesday to everyone!

The feeling in my arm has returned and the pain with it, BUT what I can say is this....It hurts so good. I finally "get" what my friends have said in regards to physical therapy...."It feels so good during physical therapy and afterwards!" HUH??? I can remember in the past thinking....Man, I just have to be the biggest baby because it was NEVER EVER something that remotely felt good or that I looked forward to. But today, I definately understand fully what they meant! Thankyou Lord!

Thank each of you for your prayers and I can honestly see a light at the end of this tunnel!

Later this afternoon I will be taking our son to the orthodontist to have braces put on his top teeth....whisper a little prayer for him, if you don't mind :) I will have pics to post

In the meantime, Here is a picture my Honey took of me at physical therapy yesterday while my arm was still COMPLETELY numb! WOO HOO GOD IS GOOD



I love you sweetie, praying for you, and your precious son.

The Real Me!

You are so funny. I have it all figured out my friend. We are just getting old. I personally don't like it but I"m blaming all the aches and pains on it!


So happy for you Lauren!!! Your smile says it all...hugs my friend! (((hugs)))


Oh Praise God Loren...Continuing to pray, Hugs, Debbie


You are so beautiful and precious! Praying still for you dear one. I love you.


Your spirit sounds strong. So glad for the update and praying for your son!


Praying the pain is minimal. Braces, haven't ventured down that road yet. Praying for your son today! Blessings!


Yep....had to be look way to happy to be doing physical therapy! I am praising GOD for your progress and continuing to pray as you move forward.
Blessings and hugs,

Angel Muly

How exciting, Loren. Praise Jesus for complete healing. Love, Angel


Sooo happy to hear the good news! You will be recovered in NO time! :)



Hope all goes well for you! Have a blessed day.

Girly Muse

This is WONDERFUL!!!! I am so relieved for you!!! Thank the Lord. So thankful. Praying the pain will continue to go and that you'll feel like yourself in no time! Woohoo!!!!


YAY!!!! Look at you girl!! Aren't you glad all of the fear and anxiety are over?! I am so glad you know the "ahhh, hurts so good" feeling that comes along with physical therapy. I was released about a month ago and I miss it. BUT it was getting to the point where I felt like nothing was gaining anymore. I felt I was to my 100%. I am so thrilled for you!! Continued prayers!!



Rejoicing right along side you that at least your arm is over your head which is something you haven't been able to do for quite some time. I know it will be a painful process but in the end, it will all be so worth it. I can really hug you when you get here in the summer. YEAH!!! :)

Praying for you continually and until then, take the pain meds as you need them, my doctor refused to refill mine but I am praying God will do the rest at this stage.

Loving you from California sweetie! Still finding stuff to send your way.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Sassy Granny ...

Love that smile!


Loren, Praying you are pain free soon. I hope your sons appointment went well. Prayers for you both. Love you,

Steph T.

LOL!! Can you say happy medicine? I am praying for you girl! I have been getting hugs from your sweet boy every day at school. He is just precious. I will be praying for him also.

Apron Senorita

Hi Loren, I'm here with prayer and well wishes. Take it slow and be good to yourself.

Yoli :)

christy rose

I am so happy for you! On your way to a full recovery! Love that smile on your face! :)

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