Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Funnies

Happy Friday everyone....may you all be blessed and share laughter with those you love!

Wouldn't this be your worst NIGHTMARE!!

He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.
Job 8:21

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the girl in the green scarf

I'm so curious what happened after that...:))

The Real Me!

Oh wouldn't you just die? LOL! Oh man!
Have a fabulous day my friend.

Angel Muly

Oh, Loren, that is absolutely horrible but I couldn't help but laugh. I guess if anyone ever asks, "don't get married in front of a pool" Thanks for the laughter. Love, Angel


OH...MY...GOODNESS...Can you honestly imagine how horrifying that would be? And try as you might to overcome it, how could you? My daughter got married by a beautiful (but murky and deep) lake with fountains and ducks. Soo pretty... HOWEVER..On the afternoon of the rehearsal my 4 year old grandson (the ring bearer) fell into that lake!! We were ALL COMPLETELY HYSTERICAL. My other DIL (not his mama) was right beside him and is a life guard believe it or not, and jumped right in behind him and quickly pulled him up. However the side was soo slippery she couldn't get out and before we knew it his hysterical mother slipped in as well. Somehow my husband, the groom, and my son the minister got them all out, but not before my daughter, myself, and few others were all in tears. WOW...We of course quickly turned it all into laughter, but I was really shook. If my other dil had NOT been right there, and soo quick to jump in, we would have lost my grandson as we could have never seen him in that water. My husband hired 3 guards at the wedding and the reception whose ONLY job was to guard that lake. There really were only a few other little ones at the wedding anyway, and the reception itself was away from the water, but STILL...I feel the Lord and my DIL saved his little life, and I will ALWAYS be soo grateful for that. Sorry, but that little funny video brought this back in a flash, haha. Have a wonderful week-end. HUGS...


Laughter is definitely great for the soul. I pray your weekend is full of laughter.
Hugs, andrea

Kathy C.

Oh! words here, just laughter, LOLOL...poor gal! But you gotta admit, that's a FUNNY wedding video!

christy rose

Oh my goodness! that is just awful! But I laughed! :) I bet the bride did not laugh then. I hope she is able to laugh now. What memories were made that day for everyone that was there! :)


Thanks for the laugh.


Loren, do you think she is on talking terms with that best man?????


Oopppsss....Have a great weekend sister and I pray that your shoulder is gaining its range of motions. God bless.



THis is a classic and one that would go down as truly memorable but not for the right reasons. I guess this is not the best man but the worst man. If I was the groom, I'd jump on in and finish it there in the pool!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage

Hi Loren,
This is incredible! Having been in the ministry, this is indeed a predictament! Hilarious, although not funny for them at the time, I'm sure. Thanks for a good laugh!


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