Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spiritual Sundays

Oh how I LOVE it when the Lords teaches me a lesson and does in such a tangible way!

Today for Spiritual Sunday I wanted to just have a simple little picture with a Scripture that you see above. As I sought to find something I liked on the Internet it just wasn't happening. The pictures that I found were copyrighted and not able to copy onto my blog so I thought hmmm, I guess I can just take a picture and do it myself. Then my husband got involved taking pictures, and then my daughter started snapping photos too. She is the one who has Photoshop knowledge and like her daddy, has an AMAZING photographic eye! But here is the lesson along the way.....We were ALSO doing all the tasks that come with a Saturday....laundry, cleaning here and there, and also puting up some new "Uppercase Living" things that I had gotten in a couple of weeks ago. So this "simple post" became quite the involved post to say the least!
Our projects DID NOT go as planned and even became a little frustrating at times when the Uppercase started taking the paint OFF THE WALL!! Then as my daughter was asking me which Scripture I wanted to go with the picture I yelled it to her from the laundry room to the living room and I just had to laugh! Isn't God just sooo wonderful how HE ever so gently nudges you and says...."AHEM, Loren, are you glorifying me right now?" So, here I am sharing my SIMPLE little picture LOL. Thankyou Lord for keeping me on such a short leash!! Also, I am ever so thankful for my family who all jumped in to help me and we all learned even more about this Scripture today :)

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God is so amazing when He takes time out His busy day to remind us what it means to be faithful to Him. How are you doing with your shoulder stuff? I am optimistic that things are going so much better and knowing you, you've stretched yourself when you should be recovering a bit right?

I am at least glad that your family jumped in and helped you out with your simple request. Praying for you sweet sister. You are so amazing as a mom, wife, and friend!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


You all did a wonderful job with the photo. I like to do stuff like that. It's fun to create. I like the scripture you chose. Thank you for sharing this with us today,Loren.


I like that. It's funny how even our Heavenly Father has to reel us as we our own children.
Have a blessed weekend.


had to laugh and groan with you. glad you're able to laugh in the middle of frustration. you've got a flexible heart for God to work with...i think he likes those. :)

love you!


You are so precious to my heart, love you sis.


And what a beautiful outcome! The best was indeed for His glory! I used to take pics and put Scriptures but haven't found time to do so. Sometimes, it's better when we take our own photos. Blessings to you sister Loren and God bless you and your beautiful family. Take care and keeping you in my prayers. Love you sister!


Hi Dear One,

You sound sooo good. I hope your shoulder(s) are doing very very good!!

I love your picture and verse. I decided a month ago to use my own pictures too. I went through all of my postings and deleted every picture that wasn't mine. It took a while, but I did it. I love photography, not a pro by any means, but love taking pics. I wanted to make my blog more personal as well. What better way to glorify the Lord then by taking photos of His beautiful creations...Love it and you and your beautiful heart and place here. Your are such an encouragement to me and strong prayer warrior. I'm so thankful to Him for you and so many in the blogging world.

Big Hugs,

Susan B

What a great reminder of God's love for all things! Have a wonderful Sunday.


Oh I love this Loren...haha...It would soo be me too. I love that your family jumped into help. I have had that happen a couple of times too. Where I have written something and read it aloud to my hubby and one (or more) of my kids on the phone, and pretty soon we are all in a VERY LENGTHY discussion over the whole thing. It has been REALLY good for us all as we spent time dwelling and then talking about God's Word. Have a wonderful Sunday. HUGS


What a fun post to read! Made me smile and taught me at the same time! God bless...have a good day.


I love this post! This is real! This is Magoos United for God! Thank you and God bless you and your lovely family.


What a sweet post :o)


Loren, Thank you so much for sharing this scripture, picture and story with us! It's neat that your family did get involved in helpng you, and yes, it's amazing how God teaches us everyday!
I think it's neat how the verse is reflecting in the picture!

christy rose

You are so honest and cute! I love it! And in that, you definitely glorify God! :)

Angel Muly

Love your post. I laughed with you because that kind of thing happens to me too. Sounds like you are feeling better, I'm glad. Love you, Angel


That is just great!! Thanks for sharing how God worked. Great picture and verse. Have a great week.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage

It is so wonderful to hear how your daughter helped you. She did a great job. Tell we would love for her to join in and do a post of her own some day:) The picture is perfect!
God Bless,


I love the picture and that your family chipped in so this became a family affair. Love that. I also love dandelions and my 14 year old is helping write a self esteem story using dandelions. Blessings.

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