Monday, February 15, 2010

A White Valentines Day

Good Morning and Happy Monday to everyone!

We are having the craziest winter ever! I can remember for soooo many Christmas' hoping and praying for a WHITE Christmas and well, they just didn't happen that often. This year it sure did! We got around 8" of snow on Christmas Eve and it was like an answer to prayer. Everyone was sooo happy! Well, let's just say the snow has continued off and on and when it comes it has been plentiful :) Well, for Valentines Day ~ one thing I have NEVER asked for or even thought to ask for ;) was a white Valentines Day but guess what! We got it! Here are a few pics from our back yard!

Also, I wanted to let you all know I am trying something! I have started a blog just for my book reviews. It's called
The ♥ of a bookworm. You can go here and read my Most recent review! Oh ya, FOLLow me if you want to okiedokie! Thanks everyone!

Happy Monday ~ we DH is gone again but will be home late tomorrow and the kids are out of school today so we are just chillaxin....My favorite kind of day!

Love and Blessing



We got snow this weekend also. First time we've had snow since 1995, but even then wasn't like this. We're further inland now so we got about 3 inches. We had a blast.


WOW. I can't fathom snow on Valentines Day, but then again, I life in California and can't fathom snow at all. Oh, I will jump over and visit your new book review blog! Exciting!



Loving a white Valentine's Day, could you possibly send us some? I think it was the first year we haven't gotten any snow here for the winter. Now that is saying something.

Steve almost had to leave town starting tomorrow but since he signed up for Intermittent Family Leave with his job, he informed them if I needed help he would be too far away to be here so he is staying but working locally.

I'm off to check out your other blog. Call me, I miss hearing your voice.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Rick saw Brian at the airport this morning. You still in your jammies, like me?

Beautiful pear tree lane

Hi Loren,
Your snow pictures are beautiful, and I do like those chillaxin days too, enjoy your today. Thanks for coming by and as always leaving such a sweet and encouraging comment.
I will check your new blog out, right now.
Hugs, Sue


Great pictures Loren!!! It has been the craziest of winters everywhere hasn't it? I don't mind the white stuff too much, its the cool that gets to me. Hope you are having a beautiful Monday with your kids just chillin'. That is my favorite kind of day too. Enjoy!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

We had some crazy weather here too Loren. Snow last Friday - like 4 inches! So beautiful!

Glad you had a great Valentines' Day. My 25th anniversary was yesterday. On Saturday I came home from my grandson Brytons birthday party to a new couch and love seat! IT was amazing!

Love to you - Beth

Beth E.

Those are beautiful pictures...snow is so peaceful, isn't it?

We've had lots of snow here this year. We're having flurries today, but it's not sticking. I'm glad, because we are having revival this week.

Enjoy your day...take a nap for me! ;-)


I just love the snow and your yard kinda looks like my yard!! Beautiful blanket of God's love!

Thinking Snow!

Girly Muse

The pictures are beautiful. Stay warm and enjoy the beauty.

Sorry your hubby is gone again. Hope his time away feels quick as a wink.

Love you!


Beautiful pictures, sweetie. I will check out your other blog.
Hugs, andrea


Beautiful pictures.


Those are beautiful snow pictures!

I'll check out your review blog. Have a great week :)

He & Me + 3


those pictures are just beautiful. I do love the pictures:)
Hope your valentine's day was sweet!


WOW Those pics of your back yard are just gorgeous. I just can't imagine it. You enjoyed my favorite kind of day today. Hugs, Debbie

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