Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An update and a Birthday

Thank you ALL sooo very much for your prayers! I wanted to give you all an update on how the surgery went. As I shared with you the plan was to go in and put in metal plates on both sides of his upper jaw and also to wire his jaw shut for minimum 1 month.
When the Surgeons got in there they found they would NOT have to put in the metal plates PRAISE THE LORD but did have to realign the bone under his left eye because it was twisted. They still wired his jaw shut so that he can heal properly. He is at home resting and recovering now. Again, thank you all for your prayers and for the prayers of the man who has done this. I pray he meets the Lord and finds Salvation and Forgiveness.

Today is my baby boys 13th birthday! I know he is far from being a baby but I know you all understand our babies are our babies forever! "As long as I'm living my baby he will be!" I love this book " I will Love you Forever" I still can't read it without crying! (pathetic I know) Today Jantz woke up and was given his favorite breakfast ~ biscuits and gravy, hashbrowns and of course coffee. Tonight we will all be going to one of his favorite restaraunts Tokyo Garden. This is where they cook your dinner right in front of you. He loves it and our whole family will be there to celebrate! I will post pics soon! Jantzen participated in the school spelling bee and ended up 4th in the Whole Entire School!

Jantzen from the day I saw you on the sonogram and knew I had a little boy I fell instantly in Love with you. You have always been the sweetest young man and you truly have a heart like David. I am sooo blessed to be your mom and so very proud of the young man you are today. May you continue to grow in the Lord, in HIS Word and Praising HIM every step of the way! Thank you for ALL the Sweet things you do! Dancing under the moonlight with me, rubbing my feet after a long day, warming up my corn bag, making cookies, reading with me and always wanting to just talk at the end of your day! Your kindness, thoughtfulness, and sweet heart teach me everyday and make me want to be a better person!

You have done such an amazing job with your dog treat business ~ your dad and I are soooo very proud of you! Always keep your dreams alive and make sure the ask the Lord to lead and guide you for it is far better to be in the center of HIS Will than ever doing things on our own!

Happy 13th Birthday ~ I love you sooo very much

Mowing with my Dad this past summer~ this is such a precious picture to me. It was the last time Dad ever mowed.

I've shared Jantzen's Canadian passion! Some friends got him this authentic jersey! It is hanging on his bedroom wall! :)

Just a handsome young man!

Silly pic ~ blurry too but I love this boy sooo

Please forgive me for not visiting today ~ We have Rylee ♥ and I just was able to quickly post this while she is napping! I love and appreciate you all so much!


christy rose

Happy birthday to Jantzen! He is one handsome 13 year old. I hope he has the best birthday ever. I can tell that you really do not love him very much so I will be praying for you about that. :) I am glad to hear that there was some good news for your SIL! I will be praying that he recovers quickly. Have fun with Rylee today!

Girly Muse

So thankful that the surgery went smoothly..praying for a QUICK and complete recovery.

Jantzen~ what a doll he is. Happy Birthday! You can see his sweetness shining through...have a wonderful night tonight...

(And I want to order some of those dog treats! I've thought of it several times, but just haven't emailed...will do that now. :))

XO Enjoy your Rylee time. :)

Warren Baldwin

Glad the surgery went as well as it did. And Happy Birthday to your son on his birthday.


Oh Loren this post just really touched my heart for some reason. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet boy. Your right, he is a little doll. A future heart breaker I am quite sure. How happy I am that you have that picture of your dad and son. How very special is that! I am glad that your son-in-laws surgery went well and that it was not quite as bad as you feared orginally. I will pray he heals quickly as I imagine that jaw wired shut is NOT fun. We have a similiar restaurant by us that does the cooking and what a treat it is to go there. Have a wonderful time. BTW, I do know what you mean about your "baby". Mine is 23 but she will always hold that place in my heart. Hugs, Debbie


Hoping for a quick recovery!!!

Happy Birthday to your handsome young boy! Yes, they will always be our babies and I have the same book and don't feel bad...I can't read it without crying either.



Oh how wonderful it is to have so much family surrounding you and celebrating Jantzen's 13th birthday, Kailee would call that his first official "teen" birthday!

Here is passing along many, many birthday blessings to Jantzen and hoping that you all have a wonderful time celebrating tonight.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Happy Birthday to your precious son. Praising God that the surgery went well. Prayers continue for your entire family, I love you.


Happy Birthday young man. I am thankful the surgery went well. Enjoy Riley!!

When you get a chance...I have an urgent prayer request on arise 2 write.
Hugs, andrea


Happy birthday to your handsome son! May God bless him richly!

Thank you for letting us know how your SIL's surgery went. Thank God for His answers. May He provide him comfort during this healing process. It's not easy I know with the liquid diet but it will come to pass. God bless you sister and may you be strong in the Lord's mighty power. Love to you.

Steph T.

So glad the surgery went well today! It was good to see you and that sweet baby girl! She is so cute! And that Jantzen is such a great kid. His little smile just lights up the room. You have done a fabulous job raising him in the Lord. Sweet Sweet spirit!! Happy Birthday Jantzen!


SO glad to hear things went well... praying for a speedy recovery! Aww... your baby is SO handsome! :) What a special young man you are raising... good job mom!! I hope he has a wonderful birthday... Happy Birthday Jantzen!!


Happy birthday, Jantzen. What a special guy you are. Sending prayers for Casey. Praise God for the good report!


Thankful that no metal plates needed. I will continue to pray. Happy Birthday Jantzen!


Praying for your son in law honey - what a horrible ordeal to have to go through!
Happy birthaday to your beautiful son - a brand new teenager! Your tribute was so sweet. I can feel the love you have for your special young man.

I love that book "I will love you forever" too! Everytime I read it I can't keep from crying because I remember the days I would sit and rock my babies and drink in their sweetness. How I miss those days!
Blessings on your day today -have fun celebrating your son's big day with him!

Kathy C.

Loren, your post made me cry, made me miss my son so very much, but happy tears at truly understanding the love a Mom has for her son.

That is our (me and my son's) favorite book! (Love you Forever), we text eachother bits of it every now and again.

Happy Birthday young man! Way to go for dancing with your Mom in the moonlight!!! :)


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Precious One,

Happy 13th Birthday to that handsome young man of yours.

I read the post the other day about your son-in-law. What a horrible thing to happen! I am so very thankful that his surgery went much better than planned. My prayers are with all of you special friend.

Love you so much,

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