Wednesday, January 6, 2010

But wait ~ We need more time

I shared with you all yesterday that I was going to have lunch with my friends Tamara ~ who lives here and also, for the first time my bloggy friend Lori from Girly Muse. You know how you feel so connected to someone and then wonder when you meet, will it be the same? Is she all I thought ~ or will I live up to what she expected!!! Well, For me I can say that having lunch with these girls was a little moment in time that was pure Heaven. They both have tremendous hearts for the Lord and this time was just precious to me and only made me love them MORE!

Tamara lives here and we really haven't spent much time together. She recently had shoulder surgery and we have talked here and there but each time there was this instant connection. Clearly, we are both Sanguines and this means that when you meet us we are already your best friend and your gonna pretty much know and hear everything going on in our lives (like it or not LOL) I learned so much about her yesterday and know I have a friend for life and an accountablility partner for sure! I am thankful that we will have many more lunch dates, coffee dates and who knows what?? ;)

Lori ~ well let me just say this. She is the most adorable thing EVA!!!! My favorite thing ~ I was taller than her! JUST KIDDING...not about being taller but about that being my favorite part. I feel like I have known her all my life and am so thankful to have found her and her sweet family! Did I tell you she brought her Momma ~HONEY and her precious children! The infamous Greyley....OH my I have such a heart for this sweet girl! She is so talented ....she sings, she knits and is just as sweet in person as I imagined her to be. Then there is the precious Indigo. You just want to eat him up. He was in his own little boy world.... while we chatted away, every so often you would hear his make believe battleship flying into the air or an explosion occuring while the troops were running in to save the know that world right :) I love it! Her momma ~ HONEY is just soo sweet and the Love of the Lord is ALL OVER HER! I was so very blessed to be able to meet all of them and one day I hope to be able to do it again and have wayyyyyyyyyy more time! Lori is sweeter than I ever could have made her out to be and so very genuine ~ You know ~ She is the Real Deal. A beautiful woman of God, an authentic friend who cares very much about you. I am so thankful to have had this time with her and look forward to many more visits....SOMEDAY SOMEHOW ~ THE LORD KNOWS

THIS IS US ......left to right ~ me, Lori and Tamara

Indigo ♥

Lori and her momma HONEY

Greyley ♥

I wish for everyone to be able to meet to bloggy friends someday....I have many more that I hope to hug their necks and share time with and hope the Lord will bless me with the opportunity and that you all will as well....It is such a gift to receive! Thankyou Lord and Thankyou Tamara, Lori, Honey, Greyley and Indigo! I will forever cherish this day



You're so sweet, Loren! I so enjoyed being at lunch with all of you as well! I do hope we can connect more. Sad that we live so close and don't. Let's start a monthly Blog Brunch/Breakfast for us with Nicole and maybe we can accumulate some other blog friends into this? Love ya! Keep on truckin' with the shoulder!! Prayers, hugs & kisses!!



Truly God has 2010 in store to bless you so faithfully for all your prayers to Him. You've gotten to know our Lord and Savior so personally these last few weeks and for all your endeavors, a few choice blessings coming your way.

So glad that these women blessed you just in this one visit. God truly knew how much you all needed this and arranged it so perfectly. Love that you and Tamara are both going through shoulder injuries as that alone can help you through your own health issues this year. No better company than one who really knows what you are going through.

Here is to many, many more of these meetings, outings and who knows just where our meeting will take place.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat



No one deserves this day more than you. I am so grateful you had time with these wonderful ladies. I am excited for you! One day, girl...we are gonna meet...hopefully, this side of heaven!
Big hugs,


I'm thrilled that you got to spend time with everyone! Loved the pictures - what beautiful faces!! Maybe next time YOUR momma can join in ;). XX OO Mom

He & Me + 3

What a fun time. I loved it when I met some bloggy friends. Such a neat time to meet in person. Great pictures too.


How fun, what a blessing to be able to meet the person behind the words we read each day.

Glad you had a great time.

The Real Me!

I think I clicked out before my comment posted! LOL!
I love meeting bloggy friends in real life. It is such a treat. I've met 3 so far. It looks like you had a great time. I'm glad.
Look me up if you ever make it over to the beach.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Loren - I am so happy that you had such a blessed time with your friends! Isn't is great the way the Lord just puts these people in our paths and then we feel like we have known them forever? God is so good. He is preparing us all for when we all get to spend eternity with Him and we also get to spend 'forever' together!

Love you sweet one,

Girly Muse was such a delight to meet you. You are exactly how I imagined you'd be~ so warm, genuine, lovely, the sweetest thing ever...

I'm only sad that it's already over! WE have to do it again!

And um..weren't you wearing cowboy boots?! :) hahaha just kidding. I know I would claim those inches with pride. :0

Love you!!! You're such a dolly. Thanks for saying such sweet things about me and mine.

(Love you too, Tamara!!! Just wanted to give you more love too while I was at it. :) )

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