Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Daybook

FOR TODAY... Janaury 5, 2010 WOW :) that seems strange to type

Outside my window... Freezing temps in the teens BRRRR and snow is still everywhere!! More in the forecast to come as well

I am thinking... about a few things....My lunch date with my bloggy friends today ~ Lori from Girly Muse is coming to town WAHOO!! and Tamara from Catching up with the Conners who lives here and is my real life friend, well they went to college together and so today the three of us are going to lunch together!! (pictures to come) Then later I have to return to REHAB for my shoulder....I am scared! LOL Went to the dr. and being off for 4 weeks has done some damage. If I don't get things going I will have to go in for a manipulation. They will put me asleep and "manipulate" my shoulder and rather I should say....tear my shoulder through the scar tissue OMG OWWWWW! please pray this WON'T happen!!

I am thankful for... my family and the time we had during the break!

I am wearing... jeans and my awesome warm sweater with my cowboy boots today

I am going... out in this bitter cold with JOY and Warmth in my heart

I am currently reading... Jenna's Cowboy (review) and the Judas Ride (review)

I am hoping... and (praying) for the health of many bloggy friends

Noticing that... when a situation arises that brings fear or uncertainty and my response is "Jesus ~ I trust you" that it brings so much peace. This was my devotional yesterday and WOW....amazing. simple yet amazing...

From the kitchen... Really stumped with a menu is chicken w/scallpoed potaoes and green beans which will be YUMMY :) after that IDK ~ got any suggestions?

Around the house... don't know if we will ever be back on the right bed time schedule...usually this doesn't hit until spring break and I know that the kids won't get in bed at a decent hour but this break has really gotten us off schedule!

One of my favorite things~ the gift of friendship

From my Picture Journal.....

Me and my Rylee ♥

May you experience the Lord and HIS unfathomable L♥VE today!



Have fun today! What time are you going to lunch? I have Tamara's necklace I need to give to her!



Praying for safe travels today as you meet some great blogging friends! Can't wait to see all the amazing and fun pictures you all will take. Stay warm and stay safe and wishing you lots of love and happiness throughout the day.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


I pray that everything goes well with your return to Rehab. I'm glad that you have a great appointment coming up to meet some of your friends. May you have a wonderful day today sister Loren. God bless you and keep you always. Love to you.


The picture is adorable. And I pray that you too will experience the Lord and HIS unfathomable love today.

He & Me + 3

Enjoy your lunch with friends. How fun. Try and stay warm out there.

christy rose

I just love visiting you. I always feel so good when I do. I am so jealous though of lunch with blogging friends. Wish I could come. I would get out in this bitter cold for that.

I love that picture of you and Riley. You are both gorgeous! I am praying you do not have to have manipulation in your shoulder. Lord, heal her! Have a great day Loren!


Oh Loren Rilee is ADORABLE! And what a good pic. of you...I will pray your shoulder heals as that manipulation does NOT sound too fun. How fun to meet blogging friends. Hope you have a wonderful time.

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