Thursday, January 7, 2010


Ok This is going to be a fun post :)

I am 43 yrs old. I have lived in OK since I was 4 and as long as I have been here I have NEVER known OKLAHOMA to close schools because of the bitter cold temps. Well, guess what ~ THEY DID!!! For the REST OF THE WEEK

We are suppose to be in the single digits or at 0 with the wind chills dipping to 25 below!!! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

I went to the grocery store just because I NEEDED some milk but when I pulled up I COULD NOT believe the parking lot! There were no buggies to be had and the lines were INSANE!! It was worse than any holiday I could ever remember and this wasn't a holiday! Well I looked at my phone at Facebook to see if I could tell what was going on and sure enough .....I got my answer! School in nearby Tulsa had already closed for Thurs and Fri due to the cold temperature that was on its way. One of our meterologist had put a status up telling everyone to go get Bread Milk and Toilet Paper LOL Apparently they listened :)
Well, I got a phone call from my dear friend Kat and was sharing our weather news with her and she and I were having a great time talking about all I was seeing at the store.

So many people had clearly jumped up out of bed or off the couch (mind you, this is 3pm in the afternoon) and thrown on sweats with boots and most had bed head ....seriously I've never seen so many horses butts (thats what I call it when you have bed head or a whole in the crown of your head HAHA) in my life in one place at one time! Well as I was walking down the aisle and I saw this precious lady with her RED HAT :) Kat said gotta take a picture and put it on your did

Isn't she precious :)

Then I decided you needed to see our forecast to show you just how cold it is going to be!



Someone commented on Facebook that if parents would stop sending there children to school in shorts and flip flops maybe we wouldn't have to close schools LOL ....I have a friend whose teenage boys wear shorts and TRUST ME she does NOT send them to school this way they CHOOSE this!!! CRAZY KIDS :) but they are godly kids
they just don't get cold I guess

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this silly post and if you would kindly send WARM wishes my way....oh wait those are kind thoughts ~ oh well, you can do that as well but in all honesty we need WARM AIR!! At the moment we are having SLEET fall and snow is headed this way....don't think it will be much but anytime ice comes first it makes for scary driving conditions so pray for all the Oklahoma drivers ok :0) We kindly appreiate it

Love and Blessings to you all....I love you sooo ♥


The Real Me!

It's Themed Thursday today! LOL. I blogged about the cold too. It's crazy isn't it? Though I didn't end up at the grocery store yesterday because of it. LOL.


Cute...but you did not have to put my picture up!!

We may get a little snow, tonight, but I dont' think we will get the accumulation we did a couple of weeks ago.

Blessings, andrea


WOW!! I honestly cannot even imagine how cold that feels. My husband grew up in South Dakota and knows very well however and he has described it in detail to me however and it sounds BAD...haha My daughter in New Mexico (Texas border) has had REALLY COLD weather and that California girl is loving it so far if she doesn't have to drive in it. We have been having unseasonably warm weather here. It was 78 yesterday! I don't really like it quite that warm in Jan. But I guess you wouldn't be interested in my complaints about that, haha. KEEP WARM over there and have a cozy day. Blessings, Debbie


That's some crazy cold weather. I cannot stand to be cold (or too hot). I think I will live in California forever! I hope it warms up there soon my friend!

Cherie Hill

LOVED this post Loren! I lived in Oklahoma (Norman) for 12 years and WOW that is crazy! We're in Dallas now...after spending time in Seattle and TWO MISERABLE years in Chicago!!! Talk about COLD! I SHOVELED my way through the worst two winters they had in over 100 years!!! So this is actually refreshing for me! (I guess it's all perspective!) All I can say is...I guess it's the "global warming!" LOL :) Wanted ot say "Happy New Year" and may God abundantly bless you with peace and joy...and the WARMTH of His awesome love!
In Christ,


I'm glad I have a hot cup of coffee here while reading your chilly post! You're funny and thank you for making me laugh this morning. I just read the other post when you met the other bloggers. You guys are all beautiful. But can't imagine the inner beauty you discovered from each other! That's precious!

I pray for the Lord to keep you all safe! Stay warm and keep us posted! Blessings and love to you sister!


Fun post, Loren! I wass flabbergasted when they cancelled because of temps, also!! I wass thinking about your post here. Ya know when you spoke of the boys who would wear shorts to school?? Well, I have a horrible time getting my daughter to put on a jacket. She always tells me there's no room in her locker for it and that it's warm inside (they never go outside anymore). Soooo, I'm THAT mom that has a child go to school with no coat all winter. Oh well. It also makes me remember when I was younger and I really don't remember getting very cold myself when I was growing up. Kids and Temperature....what's the deal? Love ya!


Let's see .. Don't you have to have "wind" to have a "wind chill"? I don't see any wind. I can't BELIEVE they cancelled school today ... AND TOMORROW???? Seriously?! Jumped the gun a little, I think. Weathermen have been known to be wrong .. like EVERY TIME! Now, not only do I have my four kids at home for two days, but today I have two extra friends! ** Slightly irritated here ** Today might be a good day for that coffee date.

Girly Muse

You'd think you were in Minnesota or something!!! Stay warm, my friend. Enjoy the time with the kids and have LOTS of hot chocolate. :) Love ya.



I can't believe what I saw this morning when I opened your blog. That picture we were talking about on your blog and the weather report. You truly are a blogger at heart. Not only was it funny to hear your description of this wonderful lady but how hard you tried to pursue her to get this picture.

You truly are a blogger when you are taking pictures in lieu of deciding what to post the next day. I did check your weather this morning as my kids complained about another cold morning in the 30s that they should take a look at yours. It was 1 below at 11:30am your time!

Yikes! I think they stopped complaining. Wishing some lovely California Ground Hog Day sunshine and warmth your way. Thanks for making my day. Can't wait to show this to Steve when he gets home.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

The Not So Perfect Housewife

Oh that lady and her hat are just too precious.. but Lord I hope someone stops me from going out of the house like that when I get older..LOL!!

Stop by my blog. I have an award for you :-)

Warren Baldwin

Cold up here in Kansas, too. Cold, cold, cold! And very windy.

Sassy Granny ...

Golly ... and I thought it was cold HERE, in Arizona. We fuss a bit when we have to wear real shoes, not sandals or flip-flops; or when we have to sleep with a blanket versus a sheet. Guess I'd better stop complaining!

Stay warm, and blessed!

P.S. I love the book review. We can use all the "books that make us laugh" as we can get.

christy rose

Oh that red hat is so funny!!! I wish I could send you some warm air but it is just slightly warmer here. We had about 8 inches of snow fall last night and the kids had their first snow day of 2010. They went sledding but the did not last long because it was so stinkin' cold. Enjoy your time home with your kids today and tomorrow. Stay inside!! Where it is warm! :)


Oh I love that lady and her fuzzy hat. Gotta get me one of those! ;)

Living in New England all my life....I get floored when I realize that many people are not used to snow, school closings and frigid temps. So if you want to experience more....

mi casa et tu casa


Kathy C.

Oh my goodness Loren! All I can say is...I will NOT be complaining about the 49 degrees I am experiencing right now! I can't imagine what 0 feels like...yikes!
I love the little lady picture...precious!!!!
Stay warm my friend, I shall go outside and breathe hot air in your direction...let me know if it reaches you, LOL.

Beth E.

We have about 3" of snow right now, and more is forecast. It's 9 degrees, and the wind chill factor will make it -10 degrees. I'm working from home today!

Love the pic of the lady in the red hat!

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