Sunday, January 3, 2010


The Book:
Tass Saada was a PLO sniper and Arafat's chauffeur, a Muslim immersed in anti-Israeli activity. As a young man he came to America, where he started a family, changed his faith, and began reconciliation with Jews. Later on he returned to Qatar to face his family and former boss, Arafat, with stories from his new life in Christ. The encounters are astounding. You'll embrace Saada's engaging story. You'll be enthralled by his conversion and the biblical teaching regarding Arabs and Ishmael. You'll be encouraged by his changed life and the story of hope in reconciliation through Jesus. Don't miss this enlightening true story by Tass Saada, written with Dean Merrill.

My Review:
As I read this book I found myself in awe and saying a variety of things such as: "WOW" ~ "Lord, your mercy and grace overwhelm me" -OR- "Oh my gosh!" Once an Arafat Man is NOT my typical choice of books and even when I received it, I honestly thought it would go on the bottom of my review stack, but I felt the Lord calling me to this book. I am so very thankful! This book is by far my favorite of 2009! Taas Saada was a young man who whatever he set his mind to, he conquered. In his young age he was a very determined young boy who believed strongly in fighting for his people and was destined to be a leader no matter what the situation. This is a story of mercy, of grace, and an amazing look into the Life of a Muslim man and how the Lord can change that heart. You will see how a family can overcome many obstacles despite different belief systems and how the Lord can restore relationships despite the pain caused over many years.
I strongly recommend this book on so many levels. It will encourage, inspire, and I must warn you~ You might not be able to put it down!! I know I couldn't.

Thank you Tyndale for allowing me to read this book free of charge, in return I gave them this humble opinion ~ my review. If you would like to order Once an Arafat Man please visit


He & Me + 3

I am going to tell my dad about this book I know he would really like to read it.
thanks Loren for the info.

Beautiful pear tree lane

My Loren, this seems like a great book to read, I have had books that when I picked them up to read I couldn't put it down, I am thinking of Corrie Ten Boom's The Hiding Place.
I am always amazed at God's mercy and what he can do in peoples lives especially people whom we think have no hope. thank you for sharing.


Just dropping in to say: I love you and I am praying for you! Sure, I love your reviews and your awesome post, but mostly I love your sweet, gentle, heart for our Heavenly Father.
Hugs and prayers, andrea


Gosh Loren, this book sounds amazing! I'm always interested in how the Lord can change hearts and minds. What a timely book given all that's going on in our world.

Great review and thanks for sharing it with us.


I love powerful testimonies. This sounds like a great book. A proof that there is no human belief system that the Lord's grace can't penetrate. Glory to God!

The Not So Perfect Housewife

This sounds like a great read.
I read a book by Brother Andrew that was somewhat like this. I tend to automatically think negatively towards muslims and need to remind myself to pray for them.. God can save ANYONE.. He saved me and that says a lot.. my heart was just as evil..




I am so glad that you picked this up and decided to review this one. I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to read but love the input you provided. It is amazing just to see how amazing God brings people to Him in His timing.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Hey Loren - Just wanted to thank you for reading my Pops book. I know I speak on behalf of my Dad (Tass) when I say how much we appreciate kind people like you who take the time to share the story that the Lord has given him. Thanks again!


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