Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We are here

My husband arrived safely in Detroit yesterday and went immediately to his meetings for the day. My brother and I arrived safely in Jacksonville late last night. A friend of theirs came to the airport to pick us up and when we pulled up to the gate of dads home it was like a fairy tale. My dad has created an amazing array of Christmas lights on his property. I am not sure how many lights, snowmen, horses, Santa, reindeer, Christmas packages, just anything you name it ~ it is out there and you couldn't even capture all of it with even 5 pictures. There is that many lights and It just shows me the little boy that is still in my daddy.

Oh I almost forgot ~ they released him from the hospital yesterday. He has pneumonia and this is of great concern because when you have pneumonia ~ the only way to get rid of it is it must come OUT. Well, Daddy doesn't have the strength to cough it up so we are checking about some sort of tool called a green pickle to expell the pnuemonia and the other option was a bronchoscopy which he had way back in May when he was very healthy and it knocked him down big time so I KNOW this is NOT an option as he could never withstand that right now. The other obstacle is the chest tumor itself. They fear it will begin to constrict his airway since he is not able to have chemo right now and that it will continue to grow and when it does it will constrict his airway. So, as you can see Daddy has many obstacles to overcome. As I laid down last night I just begged the Lord for a miracle. I do not want my dad to suffer yet he is still fighting. We will see his doctors on Thursday. I am ever so glad my brother is here with me and can just see Gods hand in so many things right now.

Again, thank you all for your prayers love and support. When I arrived and read the comments it just brings me to tears to know there are so many praying and so many putting these requests on Facebook as well asking for others to come along side and pray. GOD IN EACH OF YOU is so wonderful, amazing, powerful!!

For now, we are just resting in the arms of our Father. I am so thankful to be here and to have these precious days with my Daddy.

Love and Blessings


The Real Me!

I'm so glad you made it there safely my friend. We are still praying for your Dad!
Um, this might be too much to ask under the circumstances but I wanna see all the lights and stuff!!!
You know I love you girlfriend.


Thank you, so much for giving us an update. What a beautiful greeting your dad provided for you! I am thankful you are safe in Florida! I and many others continue to pray....we are storming the heavens.

As for the pneumonia: Do you know how to cup your hands and for lack of a better phrase, beat his back. I had to do this with my boys from the time they were babies b/c of asthma. It helps break the "gunk" loose and then he can cough it out. It is easier to cough up if it is loose. Just a suggestion. I use to teach people to do this on the nursing floor.
Much love, hugs, and prayers, andrea


Continuing to pray dear sister. Love you.



Just talking to you this morning brought me to tears. I know dear one how difficult this time is for you, but also what a blessing it is as well. You are in the right place making sure that the right things are being done for your dad. You are that creative person who will come up with things that no one has thought of to help your dad.

Lord, Jesus, Heavenly Father,

May all of us that read this prayer come together united for a common purpose and that is to lift our sister Loren up in prayer. Please cover her with discernment for the things she will be dealing with and the answers she is seeking in regards to her fathers care. Comfort her and reveal yourself to her Lord like never before and may she be filled with the Holy Spirit to do Your will. May she be filled with a boldness to speak the words her father needs to hear, may you soften his heart so that his soul can be pierced by your love, and mercy for him, may he receive this invitation to salvation and once he does, Lord, may you move in His life with such warmth in Your healing touch that he can spend this time with Loren as a new believer in Christ.

Breath on her Lord, a new refreshing spirit and a joy-filled heart, minister to her as well and offer her insight into your ways, and may her prayers and those of us believers Lord, fill your throne room with such an aroma of love and grace that you will be glorified in it always.

We ask these things with thanksgiving in our hearts and on our tongues as even now Lord, You are performing a miracle in their lives. Let us have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to love like You have shown us all and may Your will as always be done! In Jesus Mighty Name, AMEN!

Love you and sending you warm hugs across the miles! Love and Hugs ~ Kat

E @ Scottsville

Well, I'm so glad you made it safely there and that he is released and home with you guys in your winter wonderland. =0)

I'm so glad you get to be there and spend this quality time with him!!!


I'm smiling to know that you,your brother and your husband arrived safely at your destinations. I was glad to get your report. WE ARE STILL PRAYING!!


Continuing to pray for you and your dad and your family...Blessings and love to you.


I am still contending. Praying that God expels that pneumonia right out of him. Praying for peace and strength!


Thanks for the update, Sweetie. May the peace of Jesus surround all of you. Praying for a miracle.


How it must have touched your heart to see all the lights your dad has put up for Christmas! I wish I could see them... I'm sure it is beautiful!! So glad that he is home from the hospital and that you and your brother are with him now. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!

Beth E.

I know your dad is so glad to have you and your brother there with him. Praying your visit will be sweet.

Praying, too, for your dad, trusting God for his healing!


He & Me + 3

Glad you made it safely...praying for the pneumonia to be gone.

Steph T.

Hey girl, so glad to hear you made it. Such precious times are happening with your dad...I just know it and believe! We are praying for you!


Bless you Loren. Bless your Dad, your brother and all your family. We're all praying for you.


Glad you are there safely sis, praying for you and your dad. I love you so much.


Loren, Thank You so much for the update. I am so glad you had a safe trip there. I am praying for your Daddy and I am so glad you are there. Spend your time with him and know I am here Praying often. I love you, Audrey


Thanks for updating us Loren. Still praying with you. I'm glad your dad is at home and you have this time to spend with him there instead of a hospital room.

Much love to you!


The Lord led me here today to read this... praying!

Rona's Home Page

We'll keep everyone in our prayers.

Girly Muse

Dear Loren,

I am just now catching up on your blog after being away. I didn't know the details, but have had you heavy on my heart for days now and have been praying.

So thankful you are there...all together...and that you are seeing and feeling God's peace all around you. You and your family, DAD most of all, are in our prayers and thoughts.

Love you so much.


Just stopped by to check on you and yours! STILL PRAYING!!

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