Sunday, December 6, 2009

on my knees

Woke up to an early morning phone call. My stepmom. She shared my dads oxygen levels had gotten below 90 and he was disoriented & that he didn't even know who she was. He was asking where his wife was. She was rushing him to Mayo.

He got to the hospital disoriented, dehydrated and unable to stand on his own. They did some tests. Chest xray. Brain scan. Urinalysis. They admitted him into the hospital and later learned he has pneumonia. This is NOT good in his already sickened state. We knew it was time that we go so, my brother and I will be flying out tomorrow instead of later this week.

This has proven to be a VERY hard day. After getting all the arrangements made. Bags packed. We prayed and we prayed and we prayed some more. My DH looked at me and said that I am right where the Lord wants me to be and HE would not give me this assignment only to leave me alone but that HE would be with me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY This I know is so true and we shared the same with the kids, who are both very upset to have both of their parents getting on a plane tomorrow. Our precious daughter is going to stay here with her brother and sister and of course Rylee will be here as well and what good medicine she will be for both of them!

I am asking for traveling mercies for both my DH and I & my brother, but more importantly for my sweet Daddy. The Lord knows what EXACTLY what he needs.

I will update you most likely on Tuesday as I get into Jacksonville late Monday night.

I love you all dearly



Loren, I know you are concerned with the kids (thank God for that precious older daughter) but I have been feeling that you and your brother should leave sooner. I'm praying God's protection on your family and their security with both parents gone from the home. May your travels go smoothly and of course, your dad. Keep us updated. I will continue to pray for God's amazing peace to hover over you at this time. I love you precious friend.


Sweet Loren,

I'm on my knees with you in prayer and covering for God's blessings and will in all of this, for your dad's salvation, for strength, courage, grace, peace, His divine intervention and so much more for all of you at such a critical time such as this. You are strong in faith dear one and I am so happy to hear that your husband will be with you. Lean ever so deeply into your heavenly Father's arms and He will guide your every step as well as your dad's and your entire family.

I am going to pray in the spirit right now, but before that, I am going to ask God for his complete will in all of this as I lift your dear daddy up to our Heavenly Father's Throne Room of Grace and place him in His loving arms. He has it all under control. Keep your focus on Him as I know you will. I pray for traveling mercies and a speedy flight for you. You are never alone dear one even when we all feel the most vulnerable at times such as this, you are never alone. Rest your head against your Heavenly Father's heart and know that your daddy is in the finest ultimate divine care through Him.

I love you and will be praying fervently throughout this night and the days following.

{{{Big Hugs to you my sweet sister and friend}}}


Precious friend, I am praying! Strength and peace. Praying for angels to surround your dad's bedside and minister God's love and healing.


Wrapping you, and your dad in great big hugs, and many prayers. I love you.

Simply Heather

Oh, Loren, what an awesome DH you have, sister. Those words that he spoke to you need to be recited throughout the coming of days, these were Holy Words.

Bless you, sister. I am trusting in Our God's absolutely perfect timing for everything to come together. Simply love your father when you see him and allow The Spirit to move freely :)

Love to you, and a long {{warm hug}}.

The Real Me!

Oh my sweet friend. I'm so sorry. Please know that my prayers are with you. I love you girlie!!

Steph T.

I've been gone this weekend...just seeing this! I am praying for you, your dad, the kids and everyone right now!! Please know if you or the kids need anything while you are gone we are here for you!! May the Lord's strength and peace be with you as you go!


So sorry Loren. Praying for all of you!


Sister Loren, I don't know what to say...But I had been there before and all the worries, the pain, came back...But one thing I'm sure of...the Lord always makes a way!!! And He alone, is our Greatest Comforter.

I'm keeping you and your family and especially your dad in my prayers today and until I hear from you...

Love you sister Loren and please be strong in the Lord's mighty power.


I agree with your hubby. I saw your fb post last night and took the liberty to ask my fb followers/friends to pray for your dad. There are thousands of people around the world storming the heavens on your behalf. Hang in there! We love you!


Oh my dear Loren, I am so sorry to hear this. HE is right by your side!


Loren, know that our prayers are with ya'll. My heart goes out to you and your family.
Peace peace wonderful peace coming down from the Father above. Lord, I pray peace for Loren and her family. Give strength and healing to her Dad (Doug). Your word says by your stripes we ARE healed and we're standing on your word today Lord, for complete healing, but most of all Lord for Doug's salvation. Because Lord we know it's not your will that any man should perish. Soften his heart to hear your word and be receptive of it. In Jesus's name we pray Lord and we will give you all the praise. Amen.

He & Me + 3

Oh Loren...My thoughts and prayers are with you. Praying for your dear Daddy too.


Precious Sister, my love and prayers are with you and your family for safe travels and for safety for the children at home and of course I'm continuing to pray for your Dad. I'm also praying for your Mom -- the peace of GOD.

Jacksonville is about 2 hrs from me and if you need me while you're here I will get to you just contact me.

Love you.



Dear sweet sister! I am so happy that Brian is going to be traveling with you and your brother, so you go as a united force to work towards the salvation of your dad. I am so confident that God is going with you that I am almost giddy. Steve and I will be sending your not only traveling mercies with your trip but also bold confidence to preach the message of salvation and redemption to your dad.

I am praying that you will be united when speaking with your dad and that just by Brian being with you will provide that source of strength and physical comfort you will need for one another. Beginning to lift those wonderful aromas of prayer up to the throne room for you all!

Hope to hear from you soon! Love you!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

E @ Scottsville

OH Loren, I'm so sorry to just now be reading this. I'm assuming you're already there and landed by the time I am leaving this.

Praying for your family. Will watch for updates.



Beth.. One Blessed Nana


You have so many praying for you and for your Dad. We all love you so much!

I am praying that GOd will show up and reveal Himself mighty to your precious father! I am praying that salvation will come. I am praying that Doug will reach up as God reaches down and that their hands will touch and Doug will never be the same. Oh, praise you Lord for what you are going to do in the life of Doug!

Praying for you and your brother sweet friend.

Love you so !

Beth E.

Please know that many of us are praying for your dad, you, and your family.

Praying that your travel will be safe, and your visit with your dad will be sweet. Remember that as much as you love your dad, God loves him even more. Praying for your dad to receive his salvation!


Proverbs 27:19

Lord, bless Loren for humbling herself to share her life with us and for asking for prayers. We sometimes "forget" and go on and wonder why we are in such turmoil. Father, I pray that Loren, her husband, stepmom and brother are all full of peace and comfort because they know that You have already taken care of everything in Your way...the best way.

In Jesus' name, Ame.



Praying for all of you now my sweet friend.
Much love!

Elizabeth Mahlou

God is always with us when He gives us assignments. Hugs!


Loren, I am praying for safe travel and especially for the right words the Lord gives you for your dad. May his heart be so softened and that he would gladly listen to your words of love.

Love you,

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