Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pictures just for you Kim ♥ myspace graphic comments

We had a really good day, today :) Took Daddy in for hydration and after taking his vitals they decided to add some potassium to the fluid he would receive. WOW! What a difference this made. When he returned home from the hospital he just won't eat and only sips here and there but it isn't enough to provide the proper amount of fluids he needs so he becomes dehydrated in about 48 hours.

Here are some highlights from today:

My brother picked up my dad from the wheelchair to put him into the truck ~ my dad says "Ah youth" isn't that precious

I hand my daddy a toothpick after he didn't really eat anything but this makes him think he did and he says to me
"Thanks sugar" aww so sweet

My son texted me and shared he won the class spelling bee! way to go BABE

My daughter texted me after she spent some time with the Lord and shared what HE told her and she was praising Jesus and sharing the Scriptures HE gave to her. Praise God for giving her an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying!!!

My husband only has 1 more day of meetings :) He will be soooo very happy to be home

Now here are the Christmas lights that I was telling you all about when I arrived and since Kim asked to see them well what kind of friend would I be if I just ignored that?? SHE IS HAVING A REALLY FUN WEEK ON HER BLOG SO GO VISIT HER HERE

There is a gorgeous lighted wreath on the gate that I don't have a picture of but will try to get soon :) Hope you enjoy these

Love to you all



Your highlights are wonderful and I loved the lights too. Still praying...

Blessings, Debbie

christy rose

Oh my! Those Christmas lights are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing the pics. It is wonderful to hear that your dad is making you smile and bringing you such joy in the midst of his struggle. And, all of the good news from home? How wonderful!! God is faithful and good!!! I am so glad to hear that your dad had a good day. I am praying that those days come to be a regular part of his life. I am praying for you too, that God will give you strength and comfort to be where you need to be on any given day that is necessary. His grace is sufficient! :)



Did you dad seriously put up all these decorations? WOW! Now I have nothing to complain about, guess I should get my behind moving and get ours up before 2010 gets here.

So glad that you have had a great day, a complete turn around and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings after your dad's doctors appointment. Here is hoping that God sends some much needed good news and perhaps even get your dad on fluids at home!

I've been thinking about you and hoping God gets me well soon so I can visit!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat



Dad was not able to put up the lights this year. My stepmoms brothers came to town the week before Thanksgiving and put them up JUST FOR DAD. It was beyond a gift for him to have them do this!

Love and praise God for all of YOU and your prayers

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

So glad that you are having a good time and making some memories!

Love the pictures of the beautiful lights.

Praying for all of you. Lifting Doug up everytime I think about him. Praising God for what He is doing in his life right now.

Love you so much my friend,

The Real Me!

You rock girlfriend. It was better than I envisioned! You are so sweet to do that just for me. I must think you don't have anything better to do huh? LOL.
Take care of that Daddy of yours and know that we are still in prayer over him!!
Love you!


What a beautiful winter wonder land!! I'm so very glad to hear that today was a good day for your dad. I'm sure he feels immeasurably blessed to have both you & Tony there beside him. Love you both with all my heart.


Those lights...So amazing..thank you for sharing those pictures and for updating us...Congratulations to your son for winning the spelling bee. Way to go! And that is awesome too that your daughter is in tuned with the Lord. It's so good to hear from you sister Loren. And to know that your dad has his kids by his side, that is a beautiful thing. Praying for his continued strength and recovery. God bless you and your family. May His love, comfort, grace, healing, provision, protection and guidance cover you all always...Love to you sister!


Oh it is beautiful!! I was hoping you would take some pictures! :) Sounds like you had a great day... Praise God!

He & Me + 3

Those lights are beautiful. I love outside lights. So festive. Congrats to your son and your daughters heart for the Lord is beautiful.


The lights are so very beautiful. I love you.

Steph T.

WOW! Did he put all those up? That's amazing! Glad you had such a great day with him! Giving God the Glory!!


I am loving the lights! I always wish we had more of a display but dear hubby is not really into it all so I have to settle for less I suppose. So glad to hear that your dad had a good day. Continuing to pray!


Beautiful, Loren. I'm so glad you are able to spend time with your Dad and thankful for your brother.
Hugs, blessings & prayers,


Good report. Good pictures. STILL PRAYING.


I am glad you are surrounded by all these colorful decorations. I know that you have the brightest light inside of you. I'm praying!

Beth E.

I love the decorations! They are great. How sweet of your stepmom's brothers to put them up.

I'm so glad you are getting the chance to spend time with your dad. :-)

I'm praying...

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