Monday, December 28, 2009

I did it AGAIN

13 years ago I was 7 months pregnant with our youngest. It was early in December and Jenna was 4 yrs old and her dance class was to walk in our small town parade, so of course I walked with her. This proved to be a BIG MISTAKE and sent me into premature labor! We went to the emergency room and they gave me medication to slow the contractions but also summoned me to bed! Well, I had not purchased any Christmas presents and so my DH was left to do the shopping for our girls and other family. I spent the next 2 1/2 months in bed until the middle of Feb. before our sweet little boy came into this world. But I vowed to NEVER let that happen again.....GUESS WHAT! I did it AGAIN :)

When I was leaving for Florida at the beginning of December it hit me ~ I had a few things for Christmas purchased, but not many.....I just wasn't thinking about anything but my Daddy! When my Dh arrived in Florida and made the decision to stay with me he did some purchasing online. Needless to say I didn't know if we would have Christmas at home or even at all, but the LORD knew and I am thankful to say that even though it was a VERY DIFFERENT Christmas it all turned out ok. The night we arrived home we dropped our things at home and hit the stores. We were able to purchase a few things but we had told our kids that Christmas was going to be VERY different this year. IT WAS INDEED

We had a quiet day with just our children and our sweet grandbaby and son-in-law. We started off with our traditional Birthday singing to Jesus and prayer time. We had a WHITE Christmas this year ~ something we always hope for but rarely receive ~ sooo EXCITED !! We got 8 inches! For OKIES thats ALOT

Here are just some of the pics of our day

Our sweet Rylee......Her shirt reads ~ JESUS LOVES ME ~ Oh yes HE does my love, yes HE does

Our precious Krista Lee

I love my children so much

We have so many birds that come visit and my sweet hubby made sure to pour out extra seed :)

Our backyard

Celebrating the Birth of our Savior is what this day is about and HE knows our hearts. The sadness, the grief. HE comforts us no matter what. I know there are many who were not even able to be in their own homes or around a tree to open gifts or sing songs, or even play games with their children. Some are still in hospital beds, some are in nursing homes and there are those who are grieving the loss of a loved one...but no matter what .....Christmas comes. Jesus knows our hearts and no matter where we are or what we are doing or even the day ~ we can celebrate HIM

Love and Blessings




You are right! It's about what Christmas means that is the most important. It's about remembering Him and celebrating His life and what He came here to accomplish and to offer His gift to all of us that will accept it on faith!

So glad that you have a very magical white Christmas! I love you and miss you tons!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Rylee is SO CUTE! I am so glad you were able to be here with your family for Christmas. I am hoping you are healing.


I really like your new Blog page honey. Creativity just oooozes from you daily! I wanted to make a comment here among your blogger friends that I'm so honored & happy to be your mom. This year has been one of many challenges and all along the way you've faced each one with a fierce determination, always layered with sincere faith & gentle love. Brian, Krista, Jen & Jantz have supported without question and that family core made so many things possible. I know you are mending now and that all of these wonderful blogging friends will continue to keep you in prayer & stay by your side - I'm very grateful for their unending devotion. your mom, I cherish the opportunity to see your sweet smile & hear that wonderful laugh that makes my heart so happy. I love you so very much. Mom

He & Me + 3

Beautiful...what a celebration with family you had. They are lovely and so are you my friend. Throughout it all I am glad that your Christmas was still blessed by the Father.
Love the new look too.


Our Christmas was pretty much "normal" if you could call anything our family does "normal," but I could not get my mind off of so many suffering (like your family). I prayed lots for you and others, but really needed to share some thoughts with my hubby. We chatted and I told him: I just need for you to know...Christmas is "wherever" we are together! We have as long as we are together...nothing else matters. It was freeing to say those words. I wanted to share this rattled message with you, today.
Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

You are such a delight my friend. I have prayed for you many, many times this season - I feel as if you are part of my family!

I pray abundant blessings and a real Jesus-year for you and your family.


We had a very different Christmas too. We got 11 inches of snow and my family couldn't make it down. So it was me, hubs, the girls and Big K's boyfriend.

It put a new focus on the holiday.

God Bless

christy rose

I heard about the snowfall! Eight inches usually shuts everything down in the Tulsa area for a few days. I remember loving huge snowfalls like that when I lived there. They did not come often for sure. It looks like you enjoyed a great Christmas with your family. Loved all of the pictures. I especially loved the one of you and your kids. You can definitely tell you love them and they love you. You are so blessed!!


Thank you for sharing these awesome pics again! Your gbaby is adorable! But so are the rest of your children. It may be cold with that amount of snow, but I felt the warmth in the "McGhee's" home! Nice new background BTW! Winter...cold...but I surely feel cozy and warm here :)
Thank you sister for your greetings and prayers! I treasure your friendship and being a sister in Christ! Take care of yourself and I'm also praying that everything is okay with your shoulder! God bless you and your family always and praying that His abundant, rich blessings be poured on all of you as another year comes. Love to you!

The Real Me!

Don't you love knowing that the Lord has it all under control and nothing takes him by surprise.
I love your pictures!
Big hugs


I enjoyed your heartfelt thoughts of Christmas at your home with your loving family. What a winter wonderland! Everything makes me happy here at your place...your pics, your family and even your blog layout!


Steph T.

Love the pics! So glad you are home! I think you had a great excuse both times girl!!


What a precious family you have. And I would give anything to have a backyard like yours! It's all about Jesus isn't it? I try not to get caught up in all the stuff. Praying that His joy will overtake you this week!


That grandbaby is the most precious thing!!! How cute is she!! Glad you are home. Let's do Panera or Starbucks soon!!!

The Not So Perfect Housewife

What a beautiful post!! You have an amazing family!! So glad to read that your Christmas was CHRIST filled and enjoyable!!


E @ Scottsville

Awwww, your Rylee is adorable. For some reason I just LOVE her name - wonder why? =0)

I've been M.I.A. for a while, so I need to play catch-up on your blog.

Glad your Christmas turned out great despite the last minute shop-a-thon.

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