Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spiritual Sundays

I have been away from blogging, partly because I just couldn't write, partly because we traveled home and of course have been celebrating the Birth of our Lord Jesus. I am happy to be home and especially to be back with my MOM and Stepdad.

I have missed you all so very much!! I can't even begin to thank each one of you enough for your Love, your prayers and support! Your encouraging words have meant so very much to me and I am just overwhelmed at visiting some of your blogs and finding prayer requests and posts devoted to just that ~ asking for prayer for my family! God in YOU is so beautiful, so loving and kind! Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for being there for me. I know there are many who still need prayer ~ as one who has experienced your prayers I just want to encourage you to PLEASE KEEP IT UP!! The Lord hears the cries of your hearts and covers those who you are crying out for with what they specifically need! Your prayers are moving mountains, tearing down strongholds, pouring out comfort, bringing healing, giving love or peace .....just to name a few!!
Please know that PRAYER IS POWERFUL and don't ever doubt that

I love you all and am so glad to return to blogging knowing that I am in an army that is so very strong, yet so full of love! When one of us is down, there are many who will lend you a hand to help you back up, or to wipe away a tear or better yet love you while the tears are falling and listen oh so patiently while you grieve and mourn. As my dear friend Clif said

"A few years back I didn't even know what a blogger was. I didn't know and I didn't care.

Now I care!

I care because now blogger is not just a word. No, it's much more than that. Now when I think of bloggers I think of men and women, human beings--FRIENDS. Men and women who laugh, cry, hurt, bleed, dream, live life large--and sometimes die."

This is so very true....I didn't know having a blog meant having such a wonderful group of friends, prayer warriors and examples of Christ! I love you all! Please visit Charlotte and Ginger who host this wonderful and encouraging place called Spiritual Sundays They are godly women whom I love and adore! I know you will too :)

Love and Blessings


He & Me + 3


So glad you are back and you are so right about blogging. what an awesome encouraging place to many godly people to be friends with. YOu have been missed.


Loren, what a privilege we have to come before the Father on behalf of our blogging friends. What a beautiful Spiritual Sunday post. May you know that I will continue to pray for you during this difficult time.

I'm so thankful for blogging and how we have become a force to be reckoned with as we unite in prayer and love for one another.

Love you,


Oh Loren I just couldn't agree more. And I remember thinking just the same way as Cliff, wondering to myself, what in the world are these people talking about with "blogging friends"...and I have TRIED to explain it to others who do not blog, but they just don't get it either. It is a FULL world of loving, caring, praying people who are THERE somehow to support and BE the hands and feet of our Lord. How grateful I am for it all too. I will continue to lift you in prayer. I hope your Christmas was good. Many blessings to you, Debbie


It was not long ago that I did not know what blogger was, nor did I care. Boy, do I care now. Without blogger I would not have you in my life and many others who love me unconditionally and boy I "need" this desperately.
Keep on keeping on, dear friend. GOD is using you in a powerful way and HE will continue to do so.
Blessings, hugs, and prayers, andrea


What an encouraging testimony, Loren! You've a beautiful heart - still reaching out in prayer for others, midst your own sadness.
Thank you for sharing, and exhibiting such a sweet example of God's Love.



I love you Loren! I have thought about and prayed over you and your family and continuing to do so. You are such a beautiful woman. Your heart exudes who you are through your words here and every time you comment on some one else's blog. I'm so very glad to call you precious friend, sister, prayer warrior, uplifter, encourager...You are sweet, gentle, kind, caring, faithfilled and so much more. Again I love you and have a wonderful Sunday back home with your family.

Hugs & Prayers,


I was soooo ecstatic when I was able to get on line at work and saw you came by :) I appreciate your visit sooo much and your prayer? Powerful!

I'm glad you're back sister Loren. But I'm continuing to pray for the Lord's comfort and grace to cover you and your family at all times. I had been thinking about you since brother Ron passed away. Like you, when I lost my dad, I know that it would never be the same. But because of what the Lord had done, I'm so thankful for His wonderful promises that someday, we are able to see our dads again...I hope my dad is hanging around with bro. Ron and probably talking about the daughters they had here...Someday...what a great feeling to have that undying hope. And life that is eternal...Glory to God! Love you sister Loren and thank you for your friendship, love and prayers! Right back at you...God bless and keep you always.


I am so thankful for you and that you found my blog and we have connected! I continue to pray for you and your family. So glad to have you back!


I couldn't agree with you more. The blogging world is more then just something on the internet. There are real people behind those words and I wish I could personally meet them all.

I am very thankful to God for bringing so many cyberfriends my way.

Hope you had a blessed, wonderful Christmas.


I've found many Blogger friends too, Loren. Happy New Year!


Loren, I read your post early this morning before we left for church. Your words touched me too deeply for me to comment at that time. We are home again now and I am reading and meditating on the many posts for today. I am thankful that you are back home safely and that you and your family are moving forward with your life. That is what your father would want you to do. Thank you for your kind words to me and and about me. You are kind beyond words and you make me want to be a better man. You bless so many of us in the blogging world and I am filled with joy to have you as a friend. God bless you as you move through the days ahead.


Loren you were missed, I think that the Lord has a smile on his face because of all the friendships we have made in his name.
God Bless,


You were missed while you were not blogging. I'm glad you're back. Blogging friends are special. When we had our luncheon for Arizona bloggers last summer we all were commenting on how most of our friends don't even bother to read our blogs. If you are not a blogger, you just don't get it. Of course there are exceptions. In some ways though, I think blogging friends are the very best kind. I'm so glad to count you among mine.
Blessings for a wonderful new year.


There is so much love here on this blog from you, my blogger friend. I love you, too!


It is so wonderful to have all our Christian friends, and that we can pray for each other. And thank God He hears and answers our prayers. Blessings, Cathy


Oh, I just read your post and am sorry about the loss of your Dad. Praying for God's peace and comfort ~

The Real Me!

It's good to hear from you my friend. The prayers are still coming you need not worry about that!
I'm glad you are home safe and that you had a nice Christmas.
BIG Lovin' hugs from Kim!


I am so thankful for you and all the people I have met through blogging too. I love that we can help carry each others burdens to God's throne.

Praying for your comfort. Much love to you!



So glad to know that you are doing well as can be expected at this time in your life. I've left several messages and continue to keep you and your family in prayer as always. This community for me has truly made a huge difference in my life and the lives of those around me. You are right, bloggers, stick together and will rally around you to lift you up when you are feeling down.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

christy rose

I loved this post. It is so true about the blogging world. My life has been so enriched through the people that I have met and come to know. I have been praying for you and your family over the holidays. I am glad to see that you are home and back here. I hope you and your family were able to enjoy the Christmas Season in the midst of all the struggles that it entails as you were seeing your dad off to his next living place. The bittersweet feelings of sending him off must have been difficult to decipher but I know that you were covered in prayer and God embraced you through it all.

Girly Muse

I'm so glad you're back, dear girl. Praying for you, have been missing you, and hoping you are finding comfort with your loved ones this Christmas season.

Love you very much. I'm amazed at what an encourager you are, even in the middle of all you're going through...

E @ Scottsville

Wow, Clif put it so eloquently!!! I will just applaud his statement and say that I agree 100% cuz I couldn't have put it better myself, for sure!

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