Monday, November 16, 2009

"What the Bayou Saw" by Patti Lacy

Today Christian Ficion Blog Alliance has given me the privelege of reviewing "What the Bayou Saw" by Patti Lacy.

Sally Stevens lives in Normal, Illinois and teaches at Midwest Community College. It is 2005 and Hurricane Katrina has brought about the issue of racism to the forefronts of the minds of Americans once again.

Shamika did not report to class. Mrs. Stevens liked Shamika and was very concerned by her absence. Before the period had ended a knock came to her classroom door. Detective Price stood there waiting with questions needing answers. He informed Mrs. Stevens that Shamika had been raped and beaten. Earlier that morning Mrs. Stevens had been in a "situation" by some of her students in regards to her kindness towards Shamika. The young boys wore swastiska's and didn't like blacks.

In "What the Bayou Saw" Sally deals with racism as much today as she did in her younger days. As she goes on with life, her past is catching up with her and her lies are as well. For me, I couldn't put it down because I had to see how and what happened to Sally in her youth and how Shamika and her Aunt handled the situation. Truth is unraveled slowly in this book and it keeps you turning pages! I would recommend this book, it is filled with Suspense, Lies and a woman who hears the Lord and wants to do things her way until she relents....finally. That is something I can relate with for sure :) Watch the vlog and see what you think

The book link is:

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Sounds like a great book.
Blessings, hugs, and prayers, andrea


So thankful for book reviewers like you. For those of us who don't have time to check out a book before buying them or even have not heard about a great book or a must-read, that's where your great reviews come in! Thank you for sharing sister and I hope that you are feeling okay...I wish I can help you and be your "shoulder"...Praying for you...Love back at you :) [[[Loren]]]

He & Me + 3


That does sound like a great book. Thanks for posting that video too.



Oh my, you seriously are on a reading roll! You've read so many books lately it's hard for me to keep up. You even managed to finish the last one from Thomas Nelson before me.

You are one blessed bookworm!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Sounds interesting.


Sounds wonderful.

Patti Lacy

Hello, Andrea and Loren and Mimi,

Well, I just loved visitin' with y'all, except I kinda resent y'all callin' me a liar. I mean, I'm really workin' on it, and it's not really something we should be discussin' here on a public website and all, anyway.

What I do appreciate is y'all reading me and Shamika's and Ella's story. It's almost like Southern hospitality here at this blog.

See y'all!
Sally Stevens, the transplanted Southerner in What the Bayou Saw

Patti Lacy

Clif and Denise and Kat and whatever kinda name RCube is,

As part of my probation, they say I have to visit this blog. Okay. I've visited.

Guess I could tell Aunt Ruby bout it. Y'all seem to be more her age, anyway.
Shamika Williams, whose unauthorized story was told in What the Bayou Saw

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