Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Daybook

FOR TODAY... November 17, 2009

Outside my window... COLD, CLOUDY, SPITTING RAIN

I am thinking...... how excitied I am about going away for Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for... everyones prayers yesterday!! I sooo felt them Praise God and YOU ALL

I am wearing... Jeans, Hoodie and my UGGS

I am remembering... when Rylee was born and cannot believe she is about to be 1....ONE....UNO.... How is this possible :)

I am going... nowhere today :)

I am reading... just finished What the Bayou Saw and will be posting my review later. Have decided to wait to read Karen Kingsbury's new book Shades of Blue until our trip next week....ahhhh ~ can't wait :)

I am hoping... to be very organized and shop for everything we need ....just not sure when that is

On my mind... considering creating a blog just for book reviews....hmmm, what do you all think?

Pondering these words... "I am thankful to be raised in a Christian home and I see the difference and am thankful that we don't have to deal with those types of things because of all of the work you and Dad have done and how God has brought us through." Sweet words from my daughter during House Church this Sunday morning :) *sniff sniff* thankyou LORD for it is YOU

From the kitchen... Beans, homemade cornbread, pork chops, green bean casserole, paninis, easy this week

Around the house... getting ready to Break out the Christmas decorations, packing up to go to Branson and Eureka Springs and warm fires in the evening....Just one of my favorite things about winter

One of my favorite things~Seeing the relationship with my children change as they grow and mature....watching my Son and His daddy work together on School projects. My DH is such a patient and loving man and I just fall in love all over again when I see him and realize how the Lord blessed me with this precious loving man!

From my picture journal...

Ok and REALLY GOOFY TOOOOOO ......If I don't blog tomorrow ~ you will know that I did not survive the evening LOL

He sent this picture text to me when I showed him via a text how much gas I DID NOT have.....

For other daybooks please visit Peggy here

Love and Blessings



Yes about the book review blog. You might want to consider a cooking blog, too, one of these days because your recipes are scrumptuous!! So glad you are feeling better. I love reading your daybook. LOve your daughter's sentiments about growing up in your home. What a sweetie...just like her mamma.


I bet you look adorable in a hoodie, jeans, and UGGS. You look like a teenager, anyway.

What a blessing to relieve this beautiful note from your precious one. As parents we all need encouragement and the best encouragement comes when we see the fruit of our labor. Truly your fruit is "shining brightly."

I am continuing to pray for your shoulder and your Dad. Hang in there, sweetie!

Blessings, hugs, and prayers, andrea



You and your hubby really do have a magical and blessed relationship. Both the love that is evident in everything you write and all the love of your blogging friends, you will never be lonely in your life. You are a friend magnet. People flock to you in droves!

Cait loved her talk with Jenna, and thinks that she is her long lost sister. Do you think they share something in common with us?

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Love the picture of your husband. Sounds like you're getting ready for a great trip. Where you off to?


Hi Loren,
LOVED your post today! You are such a sweet person and I am so glad for the opportunity to get to know you! I may not be able to post very often due to my school schedule and job right now - but please know that you are thought of and loved sweet sister!

I thought of you today when I FINALLY received my first book from Thomas Nelson to review (yay!) It took a bit as there was some confusion with my order - but I am so excited to finally be able to review for them.

As for your question regarding whether you should create a blog just for book reviews - I would suggest just continuing to use THIS blog for your reviews! I LOVE reading about all aspects of a person's life - it is what makes a blog fun to read!
Blessings on your day today,


Loved that expression from your hubby! Funny! making your own blog just for book reviews is a great idea sister Loren. There would be just one place to check out the books you review. [Though it doesn't matter, your posts here are awesome!].
Sounds like a restful week ahead with all the menus planned...May you find the strength in the Lord's power always...Love you sister Loren. God bless you and may you have a wonderful day...

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

I just had to laugh at the picture of your husband! That was so funny.

You have such a great family - you are truly blessed. What a testament to your faith and living what you believe!

Praying for your sweet Daddy.

E @ Scottsville

Ha ha ha, great photo! Glad you SHARED IT with us. =0) Is he gonna kill you?

Glad you're feeling better today!

Kelly from Faithful Bloggers

Oh. my. word. BWHAHAHA I loved your picture! My hubby would do that, too! LOL

I love reading others' simple woman's daybook. Thanks for sharing about your day!


I love your daybook sweetie.

The Real Me!

Loving the picture! Hilarious. As far as another blog I finally did it with my recipes because I could organize them better and it was something I was doing on a regular basis. If you do book reviews often I would consider it.
Hugs to you my friend.

Beth E.

Cold, rainy weather always makes me want to cook soup! I get excited when colder weather happens. I could live on soups. :-9

Thanks for sharing the daybook, and also for sharing the pic of your hubby...hilarious!

Precious Gems

Thanks so much for sharing. I just wrote a blog you might be interested in. Take a peek!

christy rose

LOL He is funny! I can see why you might like to be around him! :)
I loved it when we lived in Tulsa, we used to go to Eureka Springs every year for a short getaway. I loved going to Beaver lake and shopping. Brings back some nice memories. :)
Thanks Loren!


Great photo!

Love your thoughts and especially those shared with you by your child!! Go ahead and start that book review blog sister!

Love you much. I just may have to join in with this meme one day.


"Pondering these words... "I am thankful to be raised in a Christian home and I see the difference and am thankful that we don't have to deal with those types of things because of all of the work you and Dad have done and how God has brought us through." Sweet words from my daughter during House Church this Sunday morning :) *sniff sniff* thankyou LORD for it is YOU"

this made me choke up.....

Girly Muse

hahaha, great pic...

are you a bad girl like me and go as long as you can go on an empty tank sometimes? eek? oh dear. i will have to pray new things for you now...related to having a full tank, etc.

the book review blog sounds fun!

sounds like lots of warm fuzzy goodness going on over that.

love you


Hello my name is Derrick. You are invited to come join my blog. I am all about helping the teens out their to realize who they are. I have just started up a series entitled who are you. I hope that you come, and check it out. May God bless you, and your family.


A book review blog sounds great. I do enjoy reading it all here too. Thanks for your comment to me and sharing your favs. I love Garlic and Onion as well. I sometimes use the Chili Seasoning. Thank You for your friendship and your blog. I LOVE it. How did you know what I needed to hear today? Love and Blessings,

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