Monday, November 16, 2009

Short. Sweet. Too the point.

Talked to my Dad this morning. He was on his way to Mayo to receive an IV treatment of just fluids for hydration. They will be doing this once a week now in hopes this will help strengthen Dad. He sounded somewhat better but is still very weak. He is still having alot of problems walking, stumbling, getting up out of his chair. He fell again. His chest pain is gone and has not returned ~ Thankyou Lord! He said he feels that is was just the chemo meds and I am soo very thankful there has been no sign of it returning.

Some of you have asked for an update on my shoulder. Honestly, it is still slow and I am still in ALOT of pain. I began Rehab last week and on the first day that they actually did the exercises and stretched me, I was humiliated. I got through the exercises pretty good but when I went to the table to be stretched after about the 2nd one I was in tears. It was excruciating!! She didn't stop either. She recommended I take pain meds before I come in next time and I looked at her and said "I did take them before I came today"....."OH." she says. We continued on with the stretching and so did my tears. I was so embarassed but honestly I couldn't help it.....It just was horrible. I return this week 3 times and to be quite honest I am scared to death. The Rehab nurse said I am only 25% of where I should be and she mentioned that I may have to return to have my dr. perform a "manipulation" on me. That is where they would put me asleep and go into my shoulder and move it so that I can move my arm. This is not something I want to do AT ALL!

I am just asking for my prayer warriors to pray for my Dad and for this shoulder situation. I trust the Lord has all under control, HE has a plan for each and everything that needs to be done.

Thankyou to everyone ~ it means so much knowing that you are going into the Throne room on our behalf ~ I love each and everyone of you!



Oh, I'm sorry about your arm. Prayers for some freedom from pain! Hang in there!


Oh,Loren, I winced when I read this about your shoulder. I am praying for you and your dad and believing God is healing you. Thank you dear one for this update. I'm sending you my love today.


I continue to pray for your dad. I am so sorry your shoulder healing isn't happening as quickly as you would like. Praying that Jesus will intervene with swift and complete healing!



My heart is so burden by your post and as always lifting you and your family up in prayer. God is wise in His timing of things and I know He will see you through this and so much more. Just know that hugs and much love come your way and I'm still working on something super special for you.

Please stop at my blog today to pick up a special surprise just for you and here is hoping that it makes for a Happy Monday.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Sweet Loren how did I miss this situation with your shoulder? So sorry but I am now praying for complete healing and relief of your pain. As far as your dad goes, I'm also adding him to my list. It is a privilege to come before the Father on behalf of my sisters in Christ.

Love you,

Sassy Granny ...

Such difficult challenges! I pray your prayers (and our) and health will be cause for much rejoicing in the days to come.


Your crying doesn't mean that you are weak sister. That's okay. I had neck injury and people will still think that you're not in pain when you are or that, it shouldn't hurt the way we perceive the pain. But it's very real for us, who are trying to endure it.
Maybe you can ask your doctor for a different pain meds, if not stronger? So you can tolerate the next session. It is still vital that you move it so that your muscles can be restored. Oh sister Loren, you are in my prayers and same with your dad. Hang in there...I love you and try to enjoy your day!


I am so sorry. I have been praying for your shoulder for sometime and I will most certainly continue.
As Rosel said, you are NOT week and you have absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of or humiliated by. Do not let satan stick his nasty foot through that door. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED! FEAR NOT! GOD HAS GOT YOUR BACK, FRONT, AND EVEN YOUR SHOULDER.
Hang in there! We will all continue to storm the heavens on your behalf.
Blessings, andrea


I am glad to hear this update on your dad... sounds like good news! :) Sorry to hear about your shoulder though... praying you can get through some therapy so it can start healing!
Love & Blessings,

He & Me + 3

I will keep you & your dad in my prayers.


It hurts to think about your pain sweetie. Praying for you, and your precious dad.

Beth E.

Bless your heart! I can't imagine going through that pain...I'm praying for you AND I'm praying for your dad. I'm not sure what hurts worse...our own pain, or the pain of seeing loved ones who are hurting.

My brother is going through a very difficult time right now, and it breaks my heart. I know your heart aches for your dad. Praying that you and your dad, and your family will feel God's comfort and peace.


Steph T.

I am praying for your dad. What a sweet daughter you are and your love for him is amazing!
And about you...I have done physical therapy before...and is tough! I am so sorry you are in pain. I used to have no compassion for hurt people until I was one myself. It really is the most pain I have ever been in when I had my ACL reconstructed and then they wanted me to bend it...WHAT??? Really? But I promise you will get there will be "normal" again and you will look back and see how God brought you thru this with His strength! I will pray for quick movement and so you won't have to have the procedure done!

Girly Muse

I wrote a long comment that didn't go through (if this is a repeat, I'm sorry! :) )

It just hurts my heart to know you're in so much pain. Praying for a swift turnaround...complete relief...a miracle.

I'm so glad your dad is doing a little better. I hate to hear he's falling!!! but so thankful the chest pain is gone.

And to think you come over every day and cheer ME up with your sweet ways and sunshiney're amazing.

Kathy C.

Loren, I prayed for you both as soon as I read your post! My hubby went though a similar thing with his shoulder, and for a strong, muscular man go through that kind of pain and wince his way through it, I am certain it's terrible for you! I think they key here, and it doesn't sound fun, is not to baby it. You've got to work through that pain to break up that tissue and get it back to's gonna be painful and hard to do. God will give you the strenth to handle the pain, even if you must shed tears.
Bless you friend!


OK, now I'm extremely nervous about my shoulder surgery. Deb Ours from church had shoulder surgery and then later had to go back in and have her dr. manipulate it. She was very nervous but is doing very well now after he did that. Prayers going out to you!!

The Not So Perfect Housewife

Oh sweetie! I'm whincing in pain with you. You poor thing.
Will be praying for you and your dad. And that you remember those pain pills ahead of time for the next trip.. LOL!!!


Loren, I think about your Dad and pray for him often. I am sorry to hear about how your shoulder is slow to heal. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You are in pain. You have a lot of healing to do. I pray your visits get easier and easier. I pray for you to be pain free. I pray you are back to full range of motion soon. Have missed you my friend, Blessings and Many, Many Prayers. Love Audrey

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