Wednesday, September 2, 2009

tests tomorrow

First let me share with you all that my post from yesterday was at the moment very accurate. Seeing my dad was wonderful and he was doing really good but very quickly things change when you are battling the things he is. Lung Cancer is enough I think but then you add pulmonary embrolysm to it and the lack of oxygen and extreme fatigue life can be a challenge to say the least.

I shared with you all that my dad has been experiencing nausea and apparently it is extreme and he has been throwing up as well. I didn't know the extent until later in the day yesterday and was very thankful for the appointment that I knew was coming today with his oncologist. Upon hearing the news of his nausea she has decided to run some tests first thing tomorrow because this is not normal or because of the treatments (chemo or radiation). I will let you all know when I can but I just really need your prayers. Again, if anyone is new to my blog my first prayer for my dad is accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. and second is his health. With JEsus all things are possible. With Jesus we are overcomers. With JEsus we are new creatures and forgiven and washed white as snow. With Jesus we have Eternity and I want my Dad to experience the LOVE and have that gift and know the sacrifice that was made for him!

Thankyou all sooo very much! It means so much and I know there is such a need for prayer right now! such a friend Beth has a page that had great needs for prayer warriors and we need to be praying for Andrew the young boy with the brain tumor! We must not be defeated by all this but dig deep and claim our Spiritual Authority knowing God has each one in the palm of HIS hand!

Bless you all!



Loren, Thank You so much for taking your time to write. I know spending every second with your Dad is what is the most important. I have gotten down on my knees and prayed. I have prayed for your Dad to know and accept Jesus. To please comfort and heal him. I will keep lifting you and your Dad up in prayer. If you ever want to talk, I can give you my number. I know how hard it is having your Dad sick. I have been there. Blessings,


Hi, Loren:
Praying that God will send his ministering angels of salvation to your dad and that God uses his doctor to heal him of all this discomfort and side effects. May you be strengthened as you minister to your family now. Love you, you wonderful daughter! Be blessed.

Warren Baldwin

Continuing to pray for your dad, you and your whole family. I know this must be trying. God bless.


Continuing prayers for your dad. Salvation and Healing!!!!


It's almost 3am right now and I woke up at 2am. I woke up praying for my blogging sisters and bros. in Christ. But the Lord had you on my mind heavily so I am stepping up my prayers for you and your dad. Take care of yourself too sister Loren. I remember neglecting myself by forgetting to eat sometimes because of my concern with my dad. May the peace of Christ surround you and your family. Love and blessings to you.

The Real Me!

Oh my friend I hope all goes well today and they can get to the bottom of his nausea. Still praying!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Loren - you and your precious daddy have been deep on my mind and in my heart. I prayed for Doug last night fervently! I have just been so broken before God and so humbled by His mercy and love.

I pray that the tests reveal good things today. Things that are treatable. Things that are improving.

Thank you for always supporting my prayer blog. You are a huge blessing.


You are on my mind and in my heart! (((praying)))

Love & Blessings,



Still praying mightily for your dad and for you as well. I am hoping for an open door of opportunity and your dad's willing heart to accept our gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Last night Steve and I added your dad to the prayer list at our church with these needs in mind.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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