Thursday, September 3, 2009

thankful Thursday

Laurie is hosting Thankful Thursday for the month of September. (WOW, is it really September....I had to think about that before I typed it :)...)
Her theme is in regards to us slowing down.

Today I have MUCH to praise the LORD for and to be oh so thankful for!

My Heavenly Father , that has over and over pointed me to HIS Word....on peace and rest. To Jesus, who, as I cried out surrendering this day & interceding on my Dads behalf and crying out for Salvation ~ that He was too and reminding me this is our Fathers Will and to the Holy Spirit that literally held me, arms around me with a love and peace that truly passed all understanding and I knew no matter the outcome of the day HE was with me!

My friends here and at home who have reached out to me, via text messages, emails, phone calls or even messaging me on Facebook letting me know they are praying, they love me, and are intereceding on my dads behalf. to know and experience this is so humbling....some have never even met me or my dad yet they carry us to the foot of the Cross and ask the LORD to heal, to save, to cover. It is just overwhelming and to say I am thankful is not nearly enough!

My family ~ My husband who amazes me because he has a beautiful perspective on my Dad that just is seriously like a kiss from God. My husband and Dad are so much alike in ways so when I am having a difficult moment my husband will share a perspective that totally and completely turns all of my thoughts to complete compassion for my dad. He has done this time and time again and I just thank the Lord for my husband. and my kids. Oh my ~ they miss me but they tell me how glad and thankful they are that I am here and able to spend this time with Daddy. they are precious and their prayers this week have just amazed me along with the wisdom they share when they know I need to lay some of this stuff down. :) Thanks guys, I love you all so very deeply much

and to the results of todays tests!!!! HOLY MOLY! I Praise you Lord. I told you all about the nausea my dad has been experiencing and the Dr. feared that possibly the cancer had spread. Well, we got a clear brain scan !!! HALLELUAH!!
There is no swelling and no growth to the existing spots on the brain, in fact one spot has altogether disappeared!
After this news Dad met with another Dr. and he prescribed a stronger nausea medicine and will do this for a week or so and see how this works. All of this I am sooo thankful for and I have to say my Dad is as well! He knows how many were praying and I know God is sooo at work! I am resting in that!

Thankyou, each one of you for being amazing vessels of Love and encouragement for the Lord. For being amazing prayer warriors and friends that have become just like family! I love you all and Praise the Lord for each one of you!



Praise God for such wonderful test results sweetie.


What a beautiful post Loren. I am rejoicing God that the test results showed no spread of the cancer. I will continue to contend. I am standing in the gap, believing that your Dad will see the salvation of the Lord and come to know Him through all of this. May His strength continue to uphold you!


Glory to God! This is the best "TT" from you!!! Thanks be to God for all of His miracles. I just want to say "thank You Lord" for now...Love and blessings to you sister.



OK, this for me has to be the best news I have heard today! I am so amazed and blessed by watching God work in your dads life and through you and your family.

Thank you Lord for this great news we have received today. May you continue to open doors of opportunity to Doug to receive your invitation to your eternal home. May the great doctors and nurses you have working in his life be able to share the good news of your salvation and hope that only You can offer. You have confirmed that prayers do not go unanswered! In Jesus name, AMEN!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Gotta Have Faith

Great Post Loren! I also did a Thankful Thursday from Sonya at Truth for the Journey.

That is awesome news about your Dad! We will keep praying for Doug and will keep him in our thoughts!



Praising God with you!!! and may the Lord keeps on blessing you and your dad!


I am so glad that today was good news, that is amazing. God is so good. May your family be richly blessed!


I rejoice with you in the doctor's report, the faithfulness of your wonderful family and the mighty support they are to you and your dad. I know you miss them; they are so mature and understanding to let you go at this time. I pray blessings on the hubby and kids while you are away and may God meet their every need!


Wow. What a great praise report! Thank you for sharing your grateful heart with us today. It blesses me so to hear people give thanks even in the midst of their trial. In ALL things give God praise! -blessings.

More Than Conquerors

Thank God for His mercies to you dad, Loren. Glad the result is clear. Praying with you for your dad. Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us.



Praising GOD with you for the clear scan and continuing to storm the heavens on your behalf.
Much love and prayers, andrea

Rita T.

Great blessings!

christy rose

Oh My Goodness! That is the most wonderful news! I am so excited to hear it. I wish I had gotten to visit you earlier this week. So I would have know this great news then. I am continuing to pray though!

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