Thursday, May 14, 2009


My son....He is sweet. He is charming. Truly, I tell people all the time that he can put his daddy to shame when it comes to kind, sweet acts towards me. He has been known to give me a foot massage after I had worked a long day at the salon, builds me a fire or brings me a warm corn bag for my aching legs and oh ya there was the time that he took me out back to "dance" with him under the moonlight! I am in awe of the Gift the has been bestowed upon me in the form of my children....truly I am blessed. But my son is my baby and I tell him quite often I don't want to discuss his growing older bc let's just face it, we don't want our babies growin up!

Well, his class at school this year was the one able to participate in the "Etiquette course" and they received special training and then were able to have a dinner to practice all they had learned. They were all asked to "dress up" and they would have to escort someone as well to the dinner which was a candle light with soft music playing. Oh how I wish I could have been a fly on the wall! My son asked me if he could wear a suit or a tuxedo! EXCUSE ME???? seriously a tux? Yes mom, others are going to wear one. Well, I couldn't go that far but we did decide to let him wear a suit! Let's just say my son isn't one for dressing up very often ~ we are definately a casual dressing family if I had to be honest so this was really a treat and a special occasion for him.

After his big day he had alot of family asking him what he learned most in his etiquette class. His answer.....It's hard to be proper and etiquette with plastic knives and trying to cut up chicken fried steak and eat corn on the cob! OH MY how times have changed :) Just thought I would share this story and give a smile.

Here is my boy growing into a young man



Hi, Loren:
I heard about these etiquette classes. My girfriend is a teacher. I am so glad that young people are taught this even though our society is less formal. Your son is very handsome and your story warmed my heart.

I always envied my girlfriends who had sons. They love their moms in such a special way. I am blessed. I have a son-in-law that loves me like his own mom. Our hearts connect and I thank God for him.

Have a great weekend!


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