Saturday, May 16, 2009

Assisted Living

I just LOVE how the Lord works in our lives and when we can literally see the tapestry being made right before our eyes is even better! A couple of months ago I blogged about my son (and his class) making a blanket for an alzheimer's patient at school and how he and I ended up meeting her on the day she was to receive her gift. It was a day I will never forget!

Well life has gone on and since then my mother-in-law has been in the hospital twice with COPD and we have almost lost her twice due to her oxygen levels going so low. It is funny how the Lord "allows" things to bring families together. My mother-in-law has lived with the oldest of the 3 daughters for the past 10 years now and only the last couple of years has her health gotten worse continually. I am married to the baby of the family AND the ONLY son. :) Yes, he was spoiled and NO he isn't much of a talker ...they threatened all sorts of evil when he was little if he EVER told on them so after 19 yrs (married to me) he has gotten over some of it but not all ;) JUST KIDDING ...sort of. Anyway.... We have all rallied together and tried to figure out what was best for our sweet Momma and bc her daughter works during the day and bc she truly needs skilled nursing we found a place that she can go to live her final days in a home environment, where all of her kids/grandkids can come spend time or even the night with her. It happened to be where we met Glynna, the alzheimers patient. Although, Glynna lives in a different wing at the Home I could so see HOW the Lord had already "connected" myself and my son with this facility and so when I heard that this place was an option already having been there and seeing the Director and her nurses work so lovingly with their patients gave me such a peace in knowing they would do the same with my mother-in-law.

We met with them as a family last night and will be moving her in "Lord willing" this next week. So after our meeting with the director and the nurses my son asked if we could go see Glynna so we did and all the "alzheimers patients" were just finishing dinner. I see my husband talking to a lady in a recliner and she is just all SMILES, holding his hand, and the nurses at this facility tell me that she is their "resident flirt" hahaha still flirting at 80 something :) I love it! We spent some time talking with Glynna, and Shirley and Becky (my husbands new friend) and as we were leaving my husband went over to tell Becky goodbye and she grabbed his hand and kissed it, then we he walked away SHE SWATTED HIS BEHIND!!! omg TOOO FUNNY!

She is the true to her name I guess :)

If you read this post today please pray for my mother-in-law. Her name is Dottie and we are not even sure that she can make the move. She is tired and her breathing is getting worse every day so pray for her won't you...Thank you


Warren Baldwin

I just said a prayer for Dottie and for all of you (her family) as well. God bless, I know this must be tough.

Thanks also for your nice comments yesterday on Family Fountain.

Steph T.

I will be praying for everyone involved. These decisions are not easy but at some point we all have to walk in these shoes. There are some great people sitting in those nursing homes that can teach us all so much. God is so cool how He paves our road even before we know we need to walk down it!!

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