Thursday, April 5, 2012

What Did You Say???

When I was younger and my parents divorced, my brother and I went back & forth from Moms to Dads and back again. One thing I always LOVED regardless of whose house I was at, was how both of my parents LOVED Music.

When I was with my Mom, she and I would "clean" the house, the radio would be playing loudly, and we could be found dancing away while dusting and scrubbing. :) Mom has always reminded me, "have fun Honey!" even if I was cleaning :) My mom loves to dance and now she doesn't dance with just me but you put her in a room with the music turned up and her grandkids join her....OH MY! Talk about FUN :) Just fills your heart with JOY ♥

When it came to being with my Daddy, Music was almost like an extension of him. He loved all genres: country, pop, classic rock. At one time Daddy had a TransAm. I remember driving down the highway at night, all the windows down and Billy Idol rocking out on the radio. Dad always "Played" the guitar on the steering wheel and then magically, it would become a drum and he would just bang away. We would sing our hearts out! Every now and then, my Dad would completely stop singing and look at me with this look ... then, he would say, "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY??" I would tell him the words ("I thought") I had just said. Before you know it, he began to laugh and laugh and laugh

Oh how I miss that laugh...

Then he would share the correct words to that song :) So you can only imagine that when I saw this commercial it took me back! They are such wonderful memories .... By the way, this was not a song my Dad ever shared the correct words for! Isn't it sooo funny how many people don't have a clue what he says...

Enjoy, and thanks for sharing in some of my precious memories I had as a child with my parents ♥



Hi there, I love this post; my mom didn't sing to much but my dad was like Fred Astaire and had this incredible voice. I grew up singing, all the time be in at home or on my bike; I'm still like that. When my girls were little and I would walk them to school, I would always be singing worship songs. Got to love that your mom still sings with her grands-how fun!!! Love this commercial too-yes I've wondered if I had the lyrics right.
Happy Easter sweet friend. Love, Noreen

Girly Muse

Aw, I love this! Sweet memories...
So fun hearing the spin kids put on lyrics...and adults! :) I'm guilty of many crazy mixups. Haha And once they're stuck. They're stuck!!! Haha

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