Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya Tomorrow! :)

Well, GAHHHHLY It is soooo good to be back! I seriously had no intention of taking a 6 week break, but it seemed every night I would sit down and get my laptop @ midnight and I was just pooped! I kept telling myself I would do it tomorrow and then again tomorrow. Well, apparently this "tomorrow" has been a success, because I am here and posting!!! :) WOOHOO

I spent a lot of February being quite crafty! I LOVED it. I made some heart shaped wreaths and then my husband and I started making really cute headbands! We have spent some serious time in Hobby Lobby together picking out the ribbons for the headbands. They are great for when I workout because they don't slip or cause headaches after wearing them a while!

This is the one for my front door

I made this one for a friend

This one I made for my Mom

I will have to take some pics of the headbands and post them! They are soooo cute you guys!

My Son started working out as soon as he gets out of school and wanted us to workout together. I had been thinking about doing 2 workouts a day but when he asked me to join him there wasn't anyway I was going to say no. It has been really good and we have a great time challenging one another. My only trouble has been that my weight has stayed the same. After 4 weeks of the same weight, I was told to up my protein and that my body was holding onto everything it could. So I am trying to do that as well as, eating small meals every 2-3 hrs.

I just got a SlimCoach! It is the Biggest Loser's device that helps you track calories in/out, heart rate, diet plans and if you have met your daily goal as far as activity. I set it up tonite and it looks awesome! I am hoping to lose that final 15 lbs!!!

Speaking of losing things.... One of my dear bloggy friends shared her frustration about the word verification box. I had just decided I needed to lose that annoying thing and then after reading her post I knew it was a goner!!
Ahhh. Feels so good to rid yourself of those letters no one could read and wasting your time trying to figure it out every single time!! ;)
Anyway, it should be gone! and if it isn't PLEASE let me know!!


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

Am I that friend? LOL!
You know my weight loss has kind of plateaued as well. Maybe I should up my protein. How can you tell that's what it is? I thought maybe it's because I'm still gaining more muscle and it weighs more than fat so it was balancing out. I really wish I would have measured instead of weighed but it's a little late now.
It's so much funner to work out with a partner. Sometimes I have my hubby, daughter and my youngest son working out with me. It's a hoot but makes the time go by faster.
Have a lovely day my friend!


Hi Loren, No I know why you were gone for so long, but girl I surely missed you! Love the three wreaths-you are talented; to hear that you hubby is helping you make headbands-you better give him special in return-like a guy movie or something. I too have stopped my word verification but already had some spam-it isn't right!
Have a great evening.


You are such a great friend! Don't know what it is about that word verification thing, but it has gotten hard to see the letters. On to more exciting thing...LOVE the wreathes...very pretty. Awesome for you working out 2 times a day...AMAZING. Keep up the great work, and all the fun. :-)


Love the wreaths! Absolutely beautiful work. Bet you'll reach that weight loss goal in no time!


I really like your heart-shaped wreaths -- I hadn't seen any wreaths like that before. You are very talented. I have no doubts you will be successful in losing those final pounds.


Nice to see you back! Looks like you've been busy and having some fun too. Are you on pinterest? I joined after Christmas.

God bless!

Girly Muse

Fun wreaths! Super cute, girl!
And I love that your husband is making the headbands with you. I already know they're gonna be cute.
Thrilled about the word verification being GONE. Yeehaw! ;) Those things are a good way to aggravation. haha
So glad you're back. You have been dearly missed. Glad you've been having some fun, creative, productive time. I'm sure the break did you good!
Love you!

Girly Muse

and grr. just left a long old comment, but apparently wasn't signed in yet, so i lost it.
i said all good things. :) love you, so glad you're back.

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