Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Homecoming Weekend

This past weekend was OSU's Homecoming. They have one of the best Homecoming celebrations in the NATION! Not to mention that our Football team in the ONLY UNDEFEATED team in the BIG 12!!! WOO HOO GO POKES!!

We made plans to go down and see all of the decks that the Sorority/Fraternity houses created as well as participate in all the other activities a few months ago! We have been anxiously awaiting and FINALLY it arrived :) It was really cold walking around at night but hey ~ we were burning calories right? ;)

Here is the Library Lawn where they turned the water ORANGE!! Isn't it pretty!!!

The theme of Homecoming was "Where Your Story Began" so each deck told a story somehow incorporating this. I was just amazed at these decks. They begin plans within the first few weeks of school and then 24 hours before the celebration for Homecoming begins each member begins the tedious process of poking tissue paper into the chicken wire. HUNDREDS & THOUSANDS of Tissue Paper! Only young college students could do that for 24 hours straight ~ no sleep ~ don't you think??/

This picture is of a Sorority Girl who was in a car accident & died the week just before Greek Weekend. They dedicated this to her! Can you imagine how her parents must have felt seeing this? Truly, what a blessed gift they gave them!

This picture was my favorite in regards to the theme. They were all amazing and each one shared so much of the History of OSU.

They also introduced the Basketball teams (boys & girls). They also had their awesome Drum Line. Gosh, I could have listened to them for hours! Just sooo cool! Here are some great action shots my Husband took.

It was an UNBEIEVABLE GAME!! They are just ON FIRE this year! We beat the Baylor Bears 59-24!! Always good to win your game on Homecoming isn't it :)

This is Justin Blackmon jumping into the stands once the game is over! Everyone looks sooo happy!! They should be they just got to see an absolutely amazing game!!

Here we are....Enjoying the Homecoming weekend with my kids! We missed Krista & family though!!

How about you? Did you have a good weekend?


The Real Me!

Those decks were AMAZING! WOW! I can't imagine doing that but what a great job they did.
I'm so glad you had fun my friend, cold weather and all!


It looks as if you had a great weekend at Homecoming. OSU has a lot to be excited about this football season. The decks are fantastically beautiful. They obviously took a lot of planning and time to make. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, wow this so pretty! and your family pic is beautiful! sounds like U all had a fun wk~end!! Life is so short~~ Make every day count! making sweet memories! Happy:)November and Happy:) Wednesday!!

Girly Muse

What a fun weekend. It looks like an absolute blast. Everything is so well done there! Love the family photo. XOXO Love you, my friend!


Whoa! I can't believe that was tissue paper. Crazy cool. Glad y'all had fun.


Love your family picture! Love that you all could spend the weekend with your family sharing in a homecoming weekend. Some of those pictures are just amazing!

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