Monday, November 7, 2011

2 Earthquakes in OKLAHOMA??? SERIOUSLY??

Happy Monday everyone!! :) How was your weekend?? Ours was full of EXCITEMENT! WHAT you ask was exciting? Well, here ya
go :)

In 2011, Oklahoma has been a WILD WEATHER YEAR soooo far....

We have had:

the Most Snow ever recorded in a 24 hour period.

Record snow fall happened to be in my small town.... we got 21 inches on February 2, 2011.

Coldest temperature ever recorded in Oklahoma -31'F on February 10.2011.''

Changing Seasons we then had a record Hottest Summer since 1936 with July being the HOTTEST month on record since the 1930's dust bowl drought.

You might think things would calm down for the Fall Season. I know I did! LOL ~ but believe it or not, we were in for quite the surprise!! On November 5, Oklahoma experienced an 4.7 Earthquake, around 2 in the morning. I slept through this one and while my husband was still awake, he did not feel any shaking either. At almost 11 pm. that very same day/night, I was in our kitchen having a bowl of cereal and all of the sudden it sounded as if a Jet plane had landed ON MY HOUSE, and everything is shaking like CRAZY. The candles, the dishes, the name it, it was shaking. Of course, I have NEVER been in an Earthquake before so I honestly did not know what in the world was going on!!! I just know it lasted for quite awhile and just as it stopped, my Son came in the kitchen and we began talking about what had just happened. He assured me it WAS an Earthquake! You know, 14 year olds KNOW EVERYTHING ;)~
Sure enough, the news stations began reporting that indeed it was an Earthquake and that this particular Earthquake had set a new record!! Of course it did!

Oh ya, This 5.6 Earthquake came just minutes after we watched my College team ~ #3 Oklahoma State University beat #14 Kansas State University. This game went back and forth and literally with 1 second left in the game, KSU had the opportunity to win the game. I don't recall EVER having my nerves shot the way they were after this game had come to an end!!! It was the most exciting, frustrating, scary, exhilarating game EVER!!! Praise the Lord we won though!!

Well, that was our weekend...How was yours??

Honestly, the game had me wayyyy more nervous than this Earthquake! I don't ever want to experience either situation again!



We felt your earthquake in Kansas City! There was a lot of "Did you just feel that?" on facebook. lol

The Real Me!

Such CRAZY things going on huh? I'm glad you all are okay. I don't think I'll probably every experience an earthquake but I've been through plenty of hurricanes.
And kids DO know everything. Ha! Ha!
Love ya!

Betsy from Tennessee

Glad to hear from you, Loren. When I heard about your earthquake, I thought about you.... Gads---what is going on in our country???? Crazy weather ---all over the place...

Glad you are okay... I'm feeling better --gradually--but am trying to be patient.

Pain to Purpose

Wow, that's wild!! I've been through a few earthquakes here in Southern California and it's unnerving every time. This is a great opportunity to make a family emergency plan if you don't have one in place.
Have a good week!

Girly Muse

Whoa, I can't believe it! That's so crazy! Glad you're all OK! I grew up with earthquakes and always kinda enjoyed them until the big one in '89. That one gave me a whole new perspective on earthquakes! Love you! Hope no more will come your way!

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