Monday, May 16, 2011

So Very Proud but Please slow down!!

Wow! Wasn't that a mess last week with Blogger! So thankful they have it all straightened out! I missed everyone didn't you?? :)

These final weeks of the School Year seem to just be flying by! I think though, that when you have a Senior in High School, it goes by even more quickly, don't you?? !!

Last week was Senior Awards Assembly and the Senior Talent Show. This past weekend was Senior Appreciation Day, better known as Baccalaureate. Each day brings these kids one day closer to Graduation and entering a whole new Season of Life.

This Morning I will be attending my Sons Awards Assembly, and am so excited. I was contacted, letting me know Jantzen will be receiving awards. The kids don't ever know if they are receiving an award or not, so the teachers contact the parents to make sure we will be there to see them being honored!

I shared with you all last week about the tragic death of Hance. Well, my daughter went to her boss and asked if there place of business could do a Fundraiser in honor of Hance. Her boss agreed and 10% of all the sales that day will go to MADD in his honor. Will you please Pray this day will be a HUGE SUCCESS and bring in sooo many people!!

We are soo proud of all our kids! I am So VERY blessed to be their MOM I know these next 2 weeks are going to fly by and I can only imagine how quickly this Summer will be. Can you Slow it down Lord... Pretty Please ;)

How was your weekend? Did it fly by? I pray you all have a Blessed Monday


Nana's Nuggets

Hi! Loren, oh! girl that blogger business was so agravating! LOL! and yes time is so flying by~ we just kinda move from one day into the next! congrats~ to your son:) it does make our heart smile:). My daughter is a school teacher and she is counting down the days, for it to be over! so I say enjoy every moment of this Day! Have a Blessed one!:)


Preparing for graduation is six years away at our house. Six.short.years. Can't imagine the range of emotions that must accompany all of that. I'm guessing it's bittersweet.
Congratulations on having such great kids! That has to do with great parenting, you know. I hope all the ceremonies that take place over the next few weeks will be full of joy and thankfulness for you and your family.
Peace and blessings.

Sassy Granny ...

Oh ... how well I remember those flying-by years when our children were still at home. I met myself coming and going a lot; and I dreaded their soon-leavings.

You're having a blast; I can tell. And someday these will be the precious stuff of memories & photo-album musings.

A blessed week of vigor to you :)



My daughter graduated Saturday so we had a busy weekend with out of town guests from several states. It was such a day of celebrated but Momma was torn between pride and the realization of life changes. Congratulations to all of you.



Wow. I can only imagine my kids graduating at this point. Congrats to Jantzen on the award! :-)

I will pray for the fundraiser. I hope it goes well!


That's so awesome that Jenna's boss is doing that! I'm still not speaking with blogger at the moment. He's still fired in my books!

The Real Me!

It's okay my friend. Just take deep breaths! Ready? INHALE.......EXHALE.......INHALE.....EXHALE...
Don't you feel better?
Big Hugs!

The Not So Perfect Housewife

The time does go by WAYYYY to fast doesn't it. And when a tragedy happens.. it seems so fleeting too..
Blessings to you sweet friend..

Betsy from Tennessee

Sounds like you had a beautiful weekend ---and a great end of the school year. I know you are so proud of your daughter... Relax and enjoy all of the JOY!!!



These last few days of school are going to fly by. I'm glad you will be there to record the memories. I'm happy to hear about the fundraiser -- I hope it is a huge success.

Girly Muse

You have the sweetest, most generous kids. I love them! Someday I will meet them and they will think I'm a huge weirdo for how much I love them. :) I do hope these days will slow down just a bit for you and that you can soak in each precious moment. xo

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