Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Biggest Loser thoughts.....

I have shared with you all before that I am a HUGE fan of NBC'S reality show, Biggest Loser ~ No Pun Intended ;)

This Season has been, in my humble opinion, far different than any other season I have watched. One of the biggest surprises for me, and I believe a first for the show, was when 54 year old twin brothers, both of whom are police officers from Oklahoma decided that Biggest Loser was not for them. They made the choice to throw their weigh in (by eating behind clothes doors) and they were eliminated within weeks of one another. I can't even imagine having this kind of opportunity and throwing it all away! Soon after they were gone, the other contestants revealed some really ugly alliances and game playing. No doubt this game play has existed in prior seasons, but NEVER to the degree seen this season.

By far, this season has some of the heaviest contestants to date. The heaviest male is Arthur. A 34 year old stay at home dad. He weighed 646 pounds before going to the Biggest Loser but did some weight loss at home. When he weighed in for the first time at the ranch, an astounding 510 pounds.

Then there was the heaviest femaie, Courtney. A sweet 22 year old girl who met Bob (one of the trainers) at a Finale one year. She weighed over 400 pounds when she met him and she looked into his eyes and told him...."I am going to be the Biggest Loser one day" She landed a place on the Biggest Loser ranch the following season. But prior to coming she lost a 112 pounds ON HER OWN AT HOME! She weighed in for the first time @ 323.

I have experienced a myriad of emotions this season. I have thrown things at my TV, I have yelled at the contestants as if they can hear me, and last night I was a blubbering idiot at the elimination of one of the contestants. It was THE MOST HEARTBREAKING elimination I have ever seen.

A few weeks ago, Arthur was eliminated. I yelled at the contestants, I was sooo disgusted. I told my husband "this is it. I am done with this show! It's not about losing weight anymore, it's just a bunch of game play for these people. He reminded me, this is a game AND a competition ~ Arthur had to go home because he fell victim to dirty play tactics. The contestants who were voting didn't view the situation as "He is the heaviest man ever on this show and his life is literally still in danger if he doesn't continue to lose this weight" NOOOO, they got rid of him because of their "family alliances" This episode was a huge lesson in people reaping what they sow. Arthur had made a HUGE mistake a few weeks earlier and it came back to get him. I wonder though, all of those that voted him off because of their game play ~ how will they reap in their choices?

Last night found me in tears .... Courtney was automatically eliminated based on her weight loss percentage not being enough to save her. When Courtney came to be a contestant on the show, I don't recall ever seeing someone so positive, so determined, and so very precious to all of those around her. She NEVER EVER got involved in the game play. She literally inspired soo many of the other contestants and was doing an amazing job losing weight. Over the past 3 weeks though, Courtney's body hit a plateau and her weight loss started to level out. Her team member was sent home last week which meant she was the only remaining red team player. This allowed her to have her trainer all to herself. To say he worked her hard would be an understatement. He killed it and Courtney let him take her to new levels, pushing her to dig deep. When she stood upon the scale she only needed to lose 2 lbs. That's it..... 2 lbs. The scale seemed to tick FOREVER and it finally stopped and what it said broke my heart. Courtney lost 1 pound. Just 1. No one could believe it. Not her. Not the trainers. Not the other contestants.
No one. I am pretty sure if you could have seen every one across America who tuned into the Biggest Loser you would have seen every mouth on the floor and heard countless gasps.

There have only been a few times I've wanted the beg and plead for the rules to be bent for a contestant. To PLEASE allow them to stay. Arthur was one. And without a doubt, Courtney is the other. I wasn't the only one in tears. A big portion of the remaining contestants were also crying and so did a couple of the trainers. Why? Because this girl has the heart of gold. A smile that captured the hearts of many and a determination that hasn't wavered no matter what has been thrown her way.

These two contestants have been labeled as Season Favorites....They were just 2 ordinary people. Two People who were very obese, yet they both made decisions to change their behavior and ultimately save their lives. They both began their journey at home and were successful. I am certain they will continue on and reach their goal at home now. I would have liked to see them in the Final Round but I hope they know what an inspiration they have been even if they didn't win the Title of "Season 10's Biggest Loser." They played this game with integrity and character and they can hold their head up high and be soo very proud of all they have accomplished within themselves and for all of those who watched their journey to a healthy life.

I wonder..... if I was put on a National Show where camera's were on me, day in and day out, would I encourage all of those around me AND those who tuned in each week? I would like to hope so but I know One thing for certain.... it would be through the Grace of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit in me. Afterall, Through Christ ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE right :)



Have not watched this show but have heard some of the things that have happened this year. So sad when those most deserving are the ones to suffer because of a "game." Would be interesting to see what would happen if it was just about all the contestants...start to finish of the see how each of them changes from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. No losers...only winners.


There couldn't have been too many not crying last night. I noticed even Allison was crying and that doesn't happen often. But I thought it was pretty awesome that Courtney talked to the guy at DQ about making changes in their menu.


I too am a fan of Biggest Loser, but didn't get to watch this season(too busy), but what you said just about would sum up how I would feel...had I watched it. I understand it is a game too, but really I don't think if I was on that show...I could PLAY the game. I would be there solely to learn. That's just me.

Sara G

I'm a watcher of Biggest Loser. It's the only thing I really watch and my family knows Tuesday night is my time. This season has been a shock to me but more now that I've had a stroke and can't exercise as much and really not much at all. I need to lose 60+ pounds and found myself arguing with the tv and wishing I could get in their faces. To say, Don't Give Up this opportunity. You never really know when something will happen and then you find yourself not able to do things. I'm lucky by God's grace and mercy that I even have a second chance at life here. Courtney is awesome and she even helped me just to do my own therapy at home. I will miss her on the show but can't wait to here her accomplishments at finale. Thanks for posting and have a great day!


I must admit that I haven't watched this show, but I understand how it can be so easy to become attracted to one or more contestants. Hopefully Arthur and Courtney will continue to work to meet their goals.

Nana's Nuggets

HI! Loren, just sharing that God Smiled on my son! PTL~ things turned out well! Thanks so much for your prayers!:)

Betsy from Tennessee

Hi Loren, Haven't watched the show --but used to watch some reality shows (Idol and Survivor)... Got so disgusted at them --so gave them ALL up...

BUT--I can sympathize with people needing to lose alot of weight... It's not easy!!!


I felt the same way about Arthur! He was so sweet and he needed to be there the most! Why didn't stand up for him and let him stay?!


I've never watched Big Loser, but I can say from my own trials with weight loss that when you are working so hard and eating right and then you plateau, it is the worst!


I am in agreement with you! I love this show and how encouraging they are to one another.

This was beautifully written. Nicely done. =)

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