Friday, February 4, 2011


This has been a VERY LONG WEEK to say the least! I am beyond thrilled that my husband returns today!! Being snowed in all week without him makes it seem like he was gone for a month!!!! I tell ya though, being snowed in isn't at all what it used to be. At least not for my kids. They have sooo much technology so they can see their friends via Skype or chat online, text or even present challenges(running in the snow with only short and a tshirt!!) to one another to be revealed on Facebook. So, Jenna asked her boyfriend to make a silly video and he didn't make just one...... He is on a roll and now has 3!! LOL Below is his 2nd video and in it you will meet Chuck and Lady RaRa....Lady Ga Ga's sister ;)

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Woo Hoo, that was funny. lol


At least they are keeping themselves entertained, and not pestering their parents with the usual, "I am Bored!" Hoping they were able to get back to school...ours went back today. Enjoy the weekend with your hubby and family.


You're right -- snow days have certainly changed. But I have to admit that this video shows talent and humor.
Enjoy having your husband back home.

Betsy from Tennessee

Oh how funny, Loren. Your daughter's boyfriend is a cutie.. Is that your daughter as Lady Ra Ra???? Kids today can be so creative --with the use of video, YouTube, etc... Sounds as if they have stayed busy --on their 'snow days'....

I know you will be happy to have hubby home!!!!

The Real Me!

Oh my! Oh I see my son doing this when he gets older. Shoot he does it now, so I can only imagine....LOL!

Have a great weekend my friend. Enjoy your hubby!


Oh, what a total hoot! You are SO right ... things are much different now on snow days than when my kids were little. And I am so in agreement on the sock monkeys. I don't know what it is, but I've always thought they were creepy, too!

Girly Muse

hahahaha, blowing the nose on the recorder...that is a new one for me!!! hahaha so cute.

oh so glad your hubby made it back before the weekend. whew. now you can cuddle up and enjoy the pretty view together. :)

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